Submission Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in contributing a jam session, folk festival or acoustic music camp/workshop to In order to maintain the integrity and consistency of our data, we ask that you follow a few guidelines when making a contribution to

Our jam listings are for open jam sessions, not shows and performances.
Our jam contribution types are for open jam sessions, not shows. We are likely to reject a post for a jam session with an admission cost that is beyond nominal. We know that many jam organizers offset their costs by asking for a few dollars from each attendee and that some jams are in bars with drink minimums. That is fine. What we don't want are posts for concerts/shows that happen to have a jam session afterward for the people who paid USD$40 to get in.

Festivals and acoustic music camps will of naturally have admission/tuition costs, and these are fine.

Use mixed case in the title of your contribution
We ask that you use mixed case in the title for your jam, festival or workshop/camp submission. Use a leading capital letter. We will reject or edit submissions which use all capital letters in the title field.
Do not include city or region information in the jam title
The title should describe the nature of the event, such as "Pot-Luck Bluegrass at Moe's" or "Irish Session at Kennedy's". We ask that you not include the city or region in the jam title as that information is entered as part of the address that we use to correctly place your contribution on a map. So don't say "Old time fiddle jam in Boulder Colorado". Instead describe it only as "Old time fiddle jam". There are of course gray areas to this guideline, such as when the name of the organization includes the region, such as "Kansas Oldtime Fiddlers and Pickers Jam". Use your best judgment.
Avoid putting the jam frequency in the title
For jams that repeat we use the repeat rules that you configure to describe how the jam repeats. We would prefer that you not describe a weekly jam on Tuesdays as "Irish session on Tuesdays" or "Weekly Irish Session".
Play well and don't spam
We care a lot about the accuracy of our data. Abusive users may have their accounts and/or IP addresses blocked.
Jam organizers can request editorial rights to a post on their event(s)
We allow any regular attendee of a jam to post the jam to our site. If we are contacted by the person or group that runs the jam and can verify their identity our policy is to transfer 'ownership' of the jam post to the event organizer. We will notify the original contributor before making any changes and give a reasonable notice.
Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 16 Nov 2006 - Last edited 21 Feb 2007

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