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When you submit a recurring jam, camp or festival to we will check back with you periodically to either make sure that the jam is still occurring or ask if you want to provide a new date for a past event. This is done in the form of an automated e-mail message which provides a link back to the site to a page where an event can be accepted, edited or suspended (see the validation system description for details).

In the case of a recurring jam, we will check back with you six months after the initial entry. If the jam is still going strong, you can just click on the 'accept' button on the validation page and the jam will be renewed for another six months at which time you will receive another e-mail and can accept the details again, update the listing (i.e. if the date has changed) or suspend the event if it is no longer occurring.

When you submit a camp or festival, we will check back three months after the end date of the event to see if you want to put in dates for the next occurrence. We prefer for the same listing to be used for camps and festivals from year to year (as opposed to new listings) so that other users' searches and bookmarks always point to the most up to date version of the event.

After the initial validation e-mail is sent for either a recurring jam, a camp or a festival we wait for one month to hear back from the submitter of the event. If we don't receive an accept, update or suspend response within a month's time, then another e-mail will be sent to the same address. If we don't receive notification from the submitter within a month of that second e-mail, then we will automatically suspend the event.

A single session jam does not require any validation since it will not occur again and therefore can be removed from the maps and calendars. If you have a 'single session' jam which really happens from year to year, we recommend submitting as a festival so that it will be picked up for validation and so that the link for it is always valid.

Posted by shawn: Posted 13 May 2007 - Last edited 13 May 2007

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