Worlds of Trad Upload. February 2011

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Worlds of Trad Upload. February 2011

At last the long awaited latest Worlds of Trad upload is on air and streaming even as you read this. Again, I have to apologise for the cumbersome delay, but the class war has taken off like a rocket recently, and I seem to spend my every waking hour fighting cuts and closures and swingeing attacks on all manner of decent hard working people.

Anyway, I have a completely new set of sounds for your delectation. Among them, we find some more of those indigenous American ballads, courtesy of Sarah Grey, Mississippi John Hurt, Leadbelly, Kelly Harrell, Estil C Ball, Mance Lipscomb, Acker Bilk, Doc Watson and Charles Ingenthron (not Vern Smelser, as I realised I’d said when I listened to the on-air playback!). There's a few songs of national liberation to cheer on the folks fighting for freedom in the middle east; John Maguire, Doc Watson, Desi Wilkinson and Buster Mustoe remind us the perils of cuckolding irate husbands; and Bo Carter, The Lion, Big Joe Williams, Sheila Stewart, George Lewis and Clifton Chenier lecture us on the virtues of healthy eating. So no more of those greasy burgers and fry-ups!

Then while those guys cleanse the digestive system, Alfred G Karnes, Furry Lewis, Elder Roma Wilson, The Maddox Brothers and Rose, Bill Matthews and Aubrey Ghent cleanse the soul and set us on the path of righteousness – as though we ever left it!

We also squeeze in a quick look at John Szwed's new biography of Alan Lomax, hear a couple of favourite Lomax recordings, and sample a new CD apiece from Fred McDowell and the field collection of Art Rosenbaum.

Last but not least, we say a fond farewell to Ira Louvin, J P Fraley and Pinetop Perkins, all of whom have taken their places in the celestial choir.

All this and much, much more. The full playlist can be seen at

and it can be heard by going straight to the station player at

On the other hand, or if that doesn’t work, you can bring up the station page first. Click on

Then roll the mouse over the face near the top of the screen and click the grey PLAY button when it appears. Then, if you press the little PLUS sign to the right of where it says Worlds Of Trad, you can save Worlds of Trad as a preset. That will save you having to search the next time you listen in.

Happy Listenings,

Fred McCormick.

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