Why when you go to a jam session--people treat other people rotten- just because they are not quite as well versed in the music.

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Why when you go to a jam session--people treat other people rotten- just because they are not quite as well versed in the music.

I am writing to let people know to always remember to be kind-- you were in these individuals place-just learning-- but awful to say- people treat other individuals so cruel--pushing them aside-rude insults-I guess they were not taught how to treat people or just don't care-- except for themselves- I went to a popular jam in the central michigan area and it seemed you get treated like that. It also depends on what your name is--Sorry to vent-but people you think before they act.

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Sorry you were treated

Sorry you were treated shabbily at the jam. Some folks are just insure about incomers, preferring to hang with the comfort buddies. It says more about their confidence than yours. Stick with it and you will find that once they are familiar with your face they will accept you. If not, find another (or form your own) jam.

Even as a seasoned player and former guitar teacher, I find myself having to "earn" my way into a jam session. It's the nature of the beast to have to earn respect even from those who may not have your abilities or experience. In most cases it's not personal.

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New Jammers

I also am sorry you felt unwelcome at a jam. Jams are hard enough to sustain over a long period of time, especially when new blood feels unwelcome. Sometimes bluegrass players wander into Old Time sessions and get a cold shoulder. Typical bluegrass banjo player with finger picks too loud for other players such as clawhammer banjo. I really think that is adjustable and everyone should be welcome but it doesn't always happen. I have heard a version of Ricky Skaggs playing clawhammer and then Scruggs doing finger picking that sounded just fine.One can also run into a purist group wanting only pure bluegrass or only old time played. Like the other feller said try again and if rudeness persists find another jam or start your own.

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thank you for all you encouragement

I sing old country along with some of my other friends-- have been playing an singing for only a year-- It discourages a person when you get treated badly-- I don't mind suggestions when it is to help you improve yourself- but when you get shunned because they think they are so great- it hurts-not only me but others-- but yes there are a few great people who truly want to help- and I do appreciate that. I truly appreciate the comments on this site-- it makes me feel better about myself. Like my mom always said----Some people think they are better than anyone else, but no one is- there are just some people thinking they are and they are the foolish ones.

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No room for a big ego at jams.

I have been hosting a monthly jam around Saint Louis for 2 years and have been blessed that all levels of players have been attending, and everybody gets along great. Everone tries to make new attendees feel welcome and encouraged. I also agree with the folks who say, "If you don't like some things about a particular jam,start your own"! I did and after a short tough time of getting the word out, could'nt be happier.Keep jamming!

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Encouragement is great

Sorry you have been treated poorly at a jam. You will find, as in anything, there are those who "know it all" and the music business is no exception. I have been playing lead guitar for 40 years, and I still attend small jams when time permits. The more different musicians you play with, the more versatile you will become. I have learned licks from pros and learners alike, and each thing you learn is just one more feather in your musical hat. Hang in there, keep going to the jams and don't let anyone discourage you, but at the same time, be open to suggestions. Happy Pickin, Steve

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