Tune List of: Tucson Old Time Music Circle

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Tune List of: Tucson Old Time Music Circle

The tunes that have been favored at our first two Circles are pretty much straight OT tunes - most can be heard on the Music Circle page of my site.

Greasy Strings
Ida Red
John Brown's Dream
June Apple
Kenny Get Around
Kitchen Girl
Little Dutch Girl
Louis Collins
Old Joe Clark
Sandy Boys
Shaking Down The Acorns
Sourwood Mountain
Sugar In The Gourd
Angelina Baker
Arkansas Traveler
Flop-Eared Mule
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Forky Deer
Golden Slippers
Mississippi Sawyer
Over The Waterfall
Rye Straw
Soldier's Joy
Whisky Before Breakfast
Year of Jubilo
Barlow Knife
Hang Me Oh Hang Me
Paddy On The Turnpike
Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Ol' Cider

Most of the tunes are played in A or D.

Banjo Brad

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Arkansas Traveler

Hey Brad,

In what key do you guys usually do Arkansas Traveler? We had a 'lively' debate over which key was most common at a recent jam. I'm used to doing it in C or D, but our Resident Banjo Player (RBP) thought it was more common in A, which of course I can't capo to in a C shape. :)

Play Well.

Arkansas Traveler


I have seen most tabs in D (dble-C capo 2), but I figured it out in G/A when I sat down to learn it to record. I think the Circle was playing in D.

I have a tab for my version (in G) on The Good Stuff page of my Prickly Pear site.

Banjo Brad

Arkansas Traveler

Awesome, sounds like we were both sort of right. :)

It's one of my favorite tunes among the real 'classics' and I think it's one of the best sounding on the banjo when the picker really gets going.


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