timing issues

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timing issues

I played at a Jam last Sunday and when a bass player was leaving he said we ought to get together and I could help him and he could help me with some "timing issues" in my playing. I first thought what timing issues? I play everyday, so what was wrong with my timing. I played to day and realized that while I play everyday, I play a lot alone without others. I noticed that unless I really concentrated I got lax with a steady beat. Really who cares when you are playing alone but it could drive a bass player crazy if you were standing next to him and your improvisation causes a half beat off at times. When you play alone one needs to realize your doodling needs discipline when you go out to play with others. I am going to take the bass player up on his offer.

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Sign me up, too, Steve. I

Sign me up, too, Steve. I know I have some timing issues. I tend to rush through certain songs. If I'm playing with a banjo player, I have to concentrate harder than usual to keep good time.

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See what I mean. I am a banjo player which makes a lot of other instruments uneasy when you are bouncing all around the beat. You can do that alone but when you play with others it causes stress. You will have to find your own bass player. My buddy is way up here in Illinois.

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