Swing, Standards, Show tunes - what's tunes are you jamming on?

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Swing, Standards, Show tunes - what's tunes are you jamming on?

New to the group, and want to get prepared for a jam. Anyone want to share their list of tunes for this kind of jam session? I'm just starting out again on guitar, though chops are coming back, mostly rhythm at the moment, still working on soloing. My current practice sessions use these two Django tunes:

Minor Swing

Please share you lists. Thanks!

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Here are the tunes we played

Here are the tunes we played at our May session

Can't help lovin dat man of mine
Saint's go marching in
It's a sin to tell a lie
Out of Nowhere
Take the "A" Train
Thanks for the Memory
My Funny Valentine
Ain't She Sweet (from http://www.jbott.com/ainswet.html)
Black Coffee
Kansas City Kity
All of Me

Join the group to receive notices of jam dates and tune lists (I copied this list out of a post I made within the group we use to coordinate the jam)


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