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Site updates

We've updated the back-end code on These are mostly changes that are addressing adjustments in services we use, like Google maps. If you spot problems, please let us know via the feedback link at the bottom of each page.

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E-mail address validation

Hello? Anyone?? I just joined Folkjam and have been able to log onto the site using my username / password. However, when I try to send a message to another user, I get "Access Denied. You must validate your email address before accessing this portion of the site." I have re-sent the validation message 5 times now. Nothing works. Anyone else have a similar issue? Any help would be appreciated.


Pickn4fun, It looks like you


It looks like you did get your address confirmed - write to me via the feedback page (link at the bottom of the site) if you need other assistance.


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Kansas City Area Bluegrass Club

According to the site here, there was a jam scheduled at 3601 Sterling at St. Paul's church starting at 6:00PM last night. We we arrived at the church, no one was there. Has this been cancelled or moved to another location? Or perhaps I read the date wrong. Anyone know?

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