The "search for local musicians" seems broken?

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The "search for local musicians" seems broken?

Hello everyone!
I am new to the website. I have a problem, but it's possible I don't know how to navigate your site properly. I am looking for musicians in my area.

Problem: When I hover over "find events" and click on "find local musicians" it brings up a map. I then do a search at the bottom of that map for my area and no musicians are listed. I even tried your site search bar at the top of the web page with no adequate results.

I have set my current location and I PRESUME there are more bluegrass musicians in Kansas City than me.

Can anyone take a stab at what is going on?


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Justin, This has been fixed.


This has been fixed. Google is phasing out some of the mapping services I use and I'd not gotten all of them upgraded in time.

There are plenty of us in Kansas City who play lots of acoustic music. I'm in the Overland Park area myself.

Sorry you ran into that - a number of folks have reported issues over the last few weeks. Tonight I carved out a little time to address them.


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