Question about guitars?

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Question about guitars?

does anyone know where to find good, quality acoustic guitars? I found georges music store online and they seem to have a really good selection and prices are not to bad? any suggestions?

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Elderly I

Elderly I have found

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I second the Elderly

I second the Elderly nomination! REALLY helpful on the phone, and really concerned that their customer is happy, even if that means losing the sale.

Ever try to find a case for a '49 Martin tiple? That's sort of a tenor uke on steroids: 10 steel strings (2,3,3,2) w/ octaves like a 12-string guitar. Thicker body than a tenor uke and a longer, slotted headstock. They didn't mind actually going into stock and test-fitting several cases, even if none of them actually fit - but they DID provide clues to my eventual find elsewhere. Heck, there are probably only 2 other stores in the country that even HAVE a tiple in stock, much less several of them.

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Ukes Online Is Best I've Found..

I've purchased all of my guitars and ukes from Ukes Online. Best selection at the lowest prices. I recently purchased a baritone bag and a case from them and love it.

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What sort of acoustic guitars

What sort of acoustic guitars are you interested in, as in what brands? Ive recently started using a Sigma which is similar to the Martins of old (probably because they used to own it!). Its a Sigma 000M-15 (spec here). It's an all Mahogany guitar and has a warm bass with less top than a Spruce topped model. Its as good as Taylors or similar costing twice as much IMHO.

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