Please review posts (and addresses) with diacritics

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Please review posts (and addresses) with diacritics

Over the years we've been running we've had a few reports of problems with saving jam session listings in languages other than English where diacritics are used.

The root cause of this problem has been elusive and took us a while to identify, but we think we've finally figured it out.

This evening we made changes to the database beneath that we believe will allow new listings to use the full character set of any language.

However, in the process we found that some existing listings and some user locations/addresses with diacritics in them were changed. We've reviewed as many as we could and fixed them by hand, but would like some help identifying problems.

If you spot an international listing that looks like the address has been cut off, or where the description stops in the middle of a word please bring it to our attention. Click the "Report a bug" link at the bottom of the page and tell us which page you found the problem on.



PS: for those of you planning a Bluegrass vacation to Prague, we've got suggestions for you -,cz

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