Overland Park Kansas Homer's Picking on

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Overland Park Kansas Homer's Picking on

2013 is now the 10th years for the Picking on the Patio.

Every Monday at Homer's Coffee House Patio area.

From 7:30 to 9: (dark/30)

Location about 80th and Metcalf. (actually about 1 block west)

Very casual circle type jam.

All levels from Pro's to those bringing out a joyous noise.

Family feel.

Sometimes I bring a novelty act, such as my ventriloquist or magic routine.

Last week, we had many guitars, bass, harmonica, key-board and a banjo.

Can't wait to see who shows up tonight. June 10,2013.


aka drlaugh4u

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Jamming this saturday again

I am so excited for the live music by "We Don't Know" this Saturday!

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