Old Riders of the Bluestem Prairie - Update

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Old Riders of the Bluestem Prairie - Update

The "Old Riders of the Bluestem Prairie" had a good jam session Saturday night. Just us locals this time - we missed the Manhattan and other surrounding area players. Hope to see you all again soon.

We went back to the Walking Turtle Art Studio after spending the previous session at the Senior Center and some discussion of making a permanent change to our location. My current position is that we will stay at the Turtle unless specific circumstances prevent, or until Jim tells me we're more trouble than benefit.

I'm forwarding the letter that Jill Cook wrote (see below) about their attendance at the Kansas Hall of Fame induction the previous weekend. I though some of you would enjoy what she had to say - I sure did.

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From Jill Cook:

Some neat update items for you all. Some of you will know everyone I mention, others will know some of the people I mention.

First of all, I have started a new job at St. Francis Hospital Foundation in Topeka. So this is my new e-mail address.

O.K. Saturday night was the annual Kansas Music Hall of Fame, 2010 Inductions. Greg and Irene got us started going several years ago. WOW – what a ball we have every year. This is held each year at Liberty Hall – formerly Red Dog Inn – Lawrence. Anyone who was around Lawrence area in the 70’s attended concerts there. And over the years, we have seen many of our musician friends get inducted. What fun that is. Some that you will know is Roger Johnson – Eureka – formerly Eric and the Norsemen! Normally every year Roger and Larry Shell come back to the Induction, but neither were there this year. Greg, I know you keep in contact with Roger, please update us. We are hoping his health isn’t a problem for him right now.

Saturday night one of the bands inducted was Green River Ordinance. Steve Graves – Eureka – played the Hammond B-3. They played several good songs. Roger and I even had to get up and danced !!! After Green Rivers performance, I went to their table. I knew Steve wouldn’t recognize me. I shook his hand and said, “Steve Graves, Eureka High School – class of 68?” He looked up at me and hesitantly said, Yes. They Sandy (Talley) turned around. I said “Jill Criswell” class of 69.” Sandy couldn’t believe it. We visited and I encouraged them to come back each year. They said they were having a blast.

The next to the last band to perform was Pott County Pork and Bean band – St. Marys. Wow, they “took the house down”. It was great. The deceased bass players children accepted his award for him. That was moving. And many of you know Dave Brunin. Dave wasn’t inducted but he did perform with Pott County. Him and Kathy had stayed all weekend and were at the jam session Friday night at the hotel. He said it was a huge reminiscing. He told the story of (Shelley – you will love this) the number of miles our husbands drove the band bus without any brakes. Also, told of them performing at Lawton, OK. We laughed at those stories.

Other musician friends we saw and visited with there were: Charlie Roby – he was there with his wife although we didn’t see her. Shelley – are him and Terri still married or not? Bill and Kathy Wiseman were there. Also, Gary Bisel – he was inducted last year. We saw several Sensational Showman bands members – they were inducted last year as well. Tree Frog was inducted this year too.

Roger and I have already decided we are going to stay next year at the Holiday with the other musicians. Just the reminiscing would be great.

Shelley, sorry you guys didn’t make it. Kenny talked like you would try to come. Wish you would have – you would have loved it.

Greg, Roger and I were wondering – did the lake band you were in ever play in Kansas much? If so – boy we need to get you inducted. There were no brass bands inducted this year at all. Guess they got them all last year. Greg and Roger – put on your thinking caps and we need to come up with some. Also, Irene and I need to join the Hall of Fame club so we can vote for the coming years inductees. When we visit next, we will tell you our thinking of why Irene and I need to join versus you and Roger.

Sid, we saw Frank and Pam Brennan there. Also, Linda Michael.

It’s just a blast. So in the future if anyone wants a good night of fun and good “old” music, plan to go the Hall of Fame Inductions. It is always the first Saturday of March. Greg, we picked up last year DVD so we will get together sometime and watch it.

Talk to you all later. Hope all is going well for each of you. And if you ever have chance, let Roger Johnson and Steve Graves know how proud Eureka is of them. Many years of good music in the late 60’s and early 70’s from them. And who knows, maybe some year Roger, Greg, Kenny and other former Eureka musicians will be inducted.

Take care. Jill

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