name of tv show that played bluegrass music in Dekater, Illinois

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name of tv show that played bluegrass music in Dekater, Illinois

A couple weekends ago, one of my great aunts told me about my grandpa playing in a bluegrass band on a tv show in Dekater, Illinois when he lived in springfield, Illinois. I was wondering if any recordings of that show is still around. My grandfather's name was Clyde Patrick Childress, he played a blonde fiddle, and I think the name of the group he played with was The Range Riders. Of course, that was before the group was offered a contract. The reason I ask is cause I never got to hear him play the fiddle, and I thought could finally get to hear him play if any recordings of him playing the fiddle was still around somewhere.

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Hi JC, I don't know the

Hi JC, I don't know the information you are looking for but WAND is the tv station in Decatur. You can try contacting them to see if they can help. Hope this helps.

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It's not me! Sorry.

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