Mandolin makers (luthiers) in Wichita, Kansas

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Mandolin makers (luthiers) in Wichita, Kansas

I have been dying to build a mandolin for ages now. F5 or F2 model preferably.But I have very little experience with this sort of thing, and there are a few tools I am missing, that I cannot afford to get. But I do have blueprints and an instruction book for an F5 mandolin by Roger Siminoff of Siminoff mandolins.And I was hoping to find someone in Wichita, Kansas who can help me build one.I have been looking everywhere but I can't seem to find ANYONE. If you exist PLEASE talk to me. Or if anyone has any good luthery advice for me, please share.Cheers all!

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Post that question over at

Post that question over at the Mandolin Cafe, in the "Builders & Repair" section of the forum. It's frequented by some of the top luthiers in the country (mandolin & otherwise), and you're sure to get some response. My only caveat is that the more specific your question is, the more response it will get. There is continual advice to folks in the middle of their first build, or way more. Ask, and you may find some looking to sell just the tools that you're lacking; that happens continually.

Your intent is not at all unusual, and MANY there have built from the Siminoff plans, but the first piece of advise that you'll likely get is: "Don't start with an F model from scratch - WAY too many unknowns. DO start with a pancake or A-model kit from Siminoff, Stew-Mac, or IV (International Violin). You'll save time & money in the long run."

The Cafe also has a search fuction to bring up past discussions, as most new folks (whether players or builders) go thru a somewhat similar "discovery" stage. You're likely learn things BEFORE you need to know them, rather than...

Good luck!

- Ed

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EM Shorts in Wichita may be helpful...

Go to EM Shorts Guitars on Douglas in Wichita. Ask for Andy, the repairman there. He may be able to assist you or steer you to someone that can assist you.


Thanks for the advice guys.

Thanks for the advice guys. I'll see to it! I can't believe the mandolin cafe idea hadn't occurred to me already.Scott Tishner who runs Mandolin Cafe supports my band. Of course I should have asked there. Thanks for the advice everyone.

And yes I will look into EM Shorts Guitars too. Thanks for that. You guys were very helpful.

Ben Jamin'

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