Jam Tunes in Southern California

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Jam Tunes in Southern California

Here are just a few tunes we play at our jams:

A - Red Haired Boy
G - Dixie Hoedown
D - Just When I Needed You
A - Bill Cheatham
D - Cuckoo's Nest

Can't think of more, but we have our jam tomorrow and I'll add to this list.


Here's some more!

D - St. Anne's Reel
D - Whiskey Before Breakfast
A - Panhandle Rag
G - Beaumont Rag

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I've got 3/5 down pat. I

I've got 3/5 down pat. I love the Cuckoo's Nest and seem to have a running duel with Shawn on who can play Red Haired Boy the fastest. It shames me to admit that his finger picking on the guitar has gotten so good that he gives me some serious competition on my fiddle.

Having just been through that area visiting family in August I don't know when I'll be there next, but I do know I'll be back. Now I have a jam to hit. Excellent.


Yes, well

Blasting though old timey tunes is one thing. Put some real sheet music in front of me and you can measure my progress with a sun dial.


Joined: 14 Mar 2007
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Sheet Music???

The only sheet music you need at a "jam" is words and they key it will be sung in. Otherwise, the printed music will hold you back. Enjoy the play, that's what its all about. From the head and heart, not the eyes

happy picking


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