jam tune lists?

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jam tune lists?

I was just wondering what other jammers might consider some standard tunes to include in a bluegrass or old timey jam session?

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Jam tunes

There are a couple of good books for a starter, but most times take part in the jams an you'll see each one has a mind of its own. The Bluegrass fake book available at most music stores is a good starter for Bluegrass. The fiddlers fakebook is the same for old time. Good Pickin'

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Jams I have been to can be quite different. One I regularly attend they like to sing with the tunes. Another is always instrumental only. Established jams you find the regulars have compiled a book of tunes they have played in past or exchanged over time, often by e-mail. If you bring up a tune, maybe having a copy of chords or music by tab or note to hand out lowers stress of others trying to pick along. I, on other hand, just listen and join in wrong notes and all.


You've also got to include Celtic / Irish tunes. Depending on the session the tunes are either free style or a rigid set of repeatable tunes. There's advantages of both.

The place to get Irish tune lists is www.thesession.org Click enough and you'll find the tunes most requested to be added to members playbooks. Know the top 20 and your ready for any celtic jam sesson.

Saturday Nite

Hey Jim,
After many years sitting in the back of the late night jams in the rabbit barn at Evart, nice to sit closer to you. It was a great time playing tunes after the ODPC meeting. Saturday night, after many musicians had headed home,I enjoyed sharing Irish tunes with Julie. First time in a long time where I was the only fiddler!

When words fail......MUSIC speaks.

Sharon Hall

Rockford Music-pdf files

Sharon Hall
OPPPPS I deleted (by accident of course) the pdf files for the Rockford City Tune Book. Is there anyway to get it back?

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