Changes being made on site emails

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Changes being made on site emails

We are working through several changes in our email and notifications. You'll be seeing HTML formatted email messages now, and soon will see a lot more control over notification for content posted to the site.

If you see any issues, please click the feedback link at the bottom of the page and send us a message.


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Notification about messages you post

There is one change that I didn't describe fully in the changes we made in December. We are in the process of making it so that you can subscribe to updates in any content - posts to a thread, adjustments to the details of a jam session you like.

As part of that, we made a decision to not send you notifications about changes you make. In terms of our groups, that is a subtle changes in behavior. Prior to this change, if you posted to a group's private forum and subscribed to email updates, you would receive a copy of your own post.

After this change, when you post to the private forum within a group you belong to you will not receive a notice about your own post, nor will you receive notices when you update/edit the post. Everybody else who subscribes does.


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