6-String banjo

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6-String banjo

Hello out there,
Does anyone have a 6- string banjo (Also known as a Banjitar)?
Would like to discuss the pros and cons of playing it.


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Just kiddin' here (a bit),

Just kiddin' here (a bit), but...

- Pro: Plays like a guitar.
- Con: Sounds like a banjo.

Hopefully THAT'll get some response!

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Howdy, Fisheri,

And ALL 'tar, or 'tar wannabe's! Don't git me STARTED!
If you can find the CD of Django Reinhardt's early 'tar recordings,
you are in for a treat! Two GREAT bands that use both, a banjo, and a
'tar, are; Old Crow Medicine Show, and Yonder Mountain String Band.

I have played the 'tar since the early 80's.

On my 'bluegrass' 'tar, I replaced the low 'E', with another
high 'E'. So, I can create a 5 string banjo effect.

On my 'jugband' 'tar, I use the low 'E', but it doesn't have the
same effect as a on a guitar. The low notes do not really
sound very 'bassy'. (is that a word?)

I play bluegrass, Irish, and jug band, music on the 'tar,
and people cannot tell it is not a 'jo.
... until they notice 6 tuners on the head!

PROS: You can do melody, chord, flat pick, cross pick,
frail (YES!), and clawhammer (WOW!). You can get a helluva
lot of noise out of one instrument!

CONS: You will probably be arrested for violating some local
noise ordinance. And, many 'old time' tenor 'jo players
don't think much of 'tars.

There you have it; probably TMI. We have two sample songs on
out website, www.thetinpennyband.com. Sounds like a 'jo,
but it hain't!


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