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Locust Honey String Band's Old Time Mountain Songs

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Thu, 2014/07/03 - 11:05pm
There’s a rock hard spine that holds up the bones of American country music, both now and back to the distant past. That spine is the spirit of the women who have given their hearts and souls to the music–everyone from Loretta Lynn and Kitty Wells to Sara Carter and Ola Belle Reed. It’s a spirit very much alive in the music of Asheville, North Carolina’s Locust Honey String Band.

Born in Georgia, singer and fiddler Chloe Edmonstone channels generations of women in her original songs, writing odes to jilted lovers, hard drinkers, and independent souls that can walk hand in hand with the old-time mountain songs that have been carefully selected for Locust Honey’s new album, Never Let Me Cross Your Mind. The new album showcases the dynamic partnership of Edmonstone and renowned old-time musician guitarist/singer Meredith Watson, the core of Locust Honey. The two carefully crafted the arrangements and harmonies and sing so closely together that they could be siblings. The album also introduces Locust Honey’s new banjo player: Hilary Hawke of popular New York duo Dubl Handi, who’s been leading a new folk revival in Brooklyn.

Each member of Locust Honey String Band is steeped in the old-time music of the Appalachian mountains. They bring a huge passion for American roots and a knowledge of how the different genres of music that criss-cross Appalachia have historically intersected and influenced each other. The music on Never Let Me Cross Your Mind is a jubilee of Southern musical traditions, from old-time string band fiddle/banjo tunes to vintage country duets, old Carter Family songs, dancehall honky-tonk numbers, and mountain blues. It’s all tied together with remarkable finesse by three artists who know the roots of the music inside-and-out, but aren’t afraid to push back at the tradition to get at new truths.

Locust Honey String Band’s new album strikes a lovely balance between the raw ferocity of a live show and the precision and subtlety of a studio recording. Part of that’s due to the deft touch of recording engineer, Grammy-award winner Joel Savoy. Never Let Me Cross Your Mind was recorded, mixed, and mastered at his studios in Eunice, Louisiana, and you can feel the warmth and joy Locust Honey must have been feeling during these recordings. Each member of Locust Honey has a chance to shine here, and the interplay of the instruments and the vocal harmony is at the forefront.

The lively arrangements are remarkably effective at drawing out the heart of the song by reworking its setting. “I’ve Forgotten More Than You’ll Ever Know About Him” turns from its 50s Western roots into a beautiful string band song. Nick Cave’s bleak “Henry Lee” is returned to its Appalachian roots without losing its iconoclastic nature. George Jones’ classic “Just One More” becomes a sister-harmony country and western song. And throughout, Edmonstone’s originals shine from the glow of all these different influences, actively pushing the traditions in new directions. It’s an ambitious album, but what makes it even more impressive is how simple and direct every song sounds. Never Let Me Cross Your Mind is a celebration of the power of acoustic roots music, of the fact that when you strip the music back to its core it only grows more powerful.

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Music Sales Down: What's the Plan? Is There a Plan?

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Thu, 2014/07/03 - 11:03pm

Music sales dropped 14% according to a recent Nielsen Report. This drop includes both physical and digital sales of songs and albums. Even iTunes dropped by more than 10% according to the report. The big hit was CD sales dropping by nearly 20%. Who then survived? Streaming and the LP came out on top. In the first six months, streaming was up a clear 50% followed by LP sales up 40%.

So what's the plan to keep the music biz healthy financially? Is there even a plan? If so, I haven't heard of it. Steaming services are replacing radio and purchased media. Disposable and portable are in. The desire to have and to hold the music seems to be a dying trend. The listening fans just stream it when they want to hear it. There is no reason to purchase the music itself.

The problem is that the purchases kept not only the artists but the labels and songwriters fed. Streaming royalty rates are no where near what physical media sales return. Audio is an integral part of the daily lives of most Americans. According to Nielsen’s Audio Today report, more than 244 million of us (aged 12+) listen to radio each week; that’s nearly 92 percent of the U.S. population. Listeners enjoy music from various streaming formats on their digital devices too. There are lots of portable choices today where the listener doesn't have to buy the music and frequently, doesn't even need to subscribe to a pay service either.

The new listener isn't buying. That is a significant problem for the industry. Free is king but, free doesn't pay the creators of the music. Sales pay the creators. An entire generation grew up with the "music is free" model and changing that attitude probably isn't a realistic option. Even the RIAA failed with suing their customers to get them to pay game.

It is easy to monitor the impact of dropping CD sales. Watch the CD Player market. Thrift store shelves are packed with CD players as they were years ago with Cassette and VHS tape players. Retail stores have them at cheap prices and a small selection at that. The players are rapidly becoming obsolete. If they are obsolete, then the media format they use is also becoming obsolete. CDs are fading from the music scene.

What is surprising is that the LP is making a comeback. This format basically died a rapid death with the advent of the CD. The LP was large however, it contained large artwork, bigger liner notes and frequently additional materials that the small CD format could not easily adapt to. A few of us retained our large vinyl collections because the music was never released in alternate digital formats. If we wanted to continue to listen to the music, we had to play our records. Discounting the "Vinyl is Better Than CD" argument, we are seeing LP sales increase. Sure, those sales remain almost insignificant but the large rise in the past six months has been a trend we've monitored for more than a couple of years. There is a growing population of LP enthusiasts out there. The new Heavy Vinyl made from 180 grams or more of virgin vinyl do sound excellent but it may be a combination of new recording technology and the fact the vinyl is virgin vinyl - not recycled.

The news and blogosphere has been filled recently about the small royalty payments the streaming services are providing. Songwriters get just pennies for thousands of plays. Unless streaming can up the royalty payments to physical media levels, artists, songwriters and producers are going to suffer. There is a lot of listener pressure to keep the rates low and an equal amount of pressure from the artists and songwriters to get them up where they should be. This a battle I foresee will last a while.

While it is true that top artists can make a fortune on the annual tour circuit playing for large audiences at concerts and festivals, this certainly represents a small percentage of the artists out there today. May have day jobs just to make ends meet.

So, what's the plan to insure financial stability in the music creation business? What is being done to offset the large drop in sales and to benefit in the up swing of streaming and other portable methods? I haven't heard a peep out of anybody on this. These Nielsen Reports should be a wake up call.

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Sleepy Man Banjo Boys Release New EP

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Wed, 2014/07/02 - 11:20pm
The new EP is here. Sleepy Man Banjo Boys released By My Side EP featuring 'Same Same Stars' The boys note, "We are excited to announce the release of our brand new EP, marking the first time we've contributed vocals to our original songs."

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, brothers Tommy, Robbie, and Jonny, have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the quickest rising acts in Roots music. That is no small accomplishment when you take into consideration the trio hails from Lebanon Township, New Jersey – not exactly a hotbed for instruments like banjos and fiddles. “New Jersey is not what you would call a Bluegrass state. That’s one of the interesting parts about our story,” said Tommy. “There are definitely Bluegrass fans here, but maybe we’re making a few new ones, which is kind of cool.”

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, previously announced a new video and music titled "Run" which is also a track on the upcoming EP. The video can be viewed below. The group gained popularity with their viral videos on YouTube and then later as they performed on Late Show with David Letterman, Huckabee, and The Today Show, played Carnegie Hall as well as festivals large and small across America. Now, their new song, shows a fresh new side of the 'Boys' as they take their career into new territory.

When asked why the brothers became so enamored with the style of the music, Tommy says “Probably because it’s so unique. There’s really not any other kind of music that is similar to it. We also like the pureness of the acoustic sound – there’s no way to hide behind effects or distortion pedals so you have to be proficient on your instrument to play this music well.”

EP Release Show - July 17 Join the boys at the Rockwood Music Hall - NYC for a special night of music including a performance of the full By My Side album. Limited seating available - purchase tickets today! Meet & greet, photos, and CD signing after the show.b

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Music City Roots Moves to The Factory

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Wed, 2014/07/02 - 11:18pm

One week to go! On July 9, Music City Roots will debut in our new home, Liberty Hall inside The Factory At Franklin. This larger venue will give us a chance to try new things and enlarge our community, while retaining the vibe and values we cultivated at The Loveless Cafe. We appreciate your support during this major transition. Here are a few things we want you to know about.

Country music icons Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell will inaugurate a new chapter in the life of Music City Roots (MCR) with performances at Liberty Hall in The Factory At Franklin, on July 9, 2014. The show will be a benefit for Bonaparte’s Retreat Dog Rescue, the nonprofit set up in 2004 by Emmylou Harris. Rounding out the lineup on this gala night will be songwriter Verlon Thompson and Nashville band Humming House.

MCR also announces the launch of a new Roots after-party, hosted by Saffire Restaurant and Bar, the official catering partner of Music City Roots. Saffire is one of the Nashville area’s best and most cherished restaurants, with innovative, locally sourced Southern cuisine and a comfortable, intimate atmosphere. After Roots is over, musicians and patrons with instruments are invited to come jam until midnight every Wednesday.

Roots will initiate a modest rise in its ticket price for the first time in its five-year history. As part of a new ticketing arrangement with Etix, MCR tickets will now be $15 inclusive of service fees. Since ticketing to date has been $10 plus fees, this represents only a $2 increase to our effective ticket price. This will allow Roots to share more revenue with the artists playing the show. Every show’s gate revenue goes entirely to the on-stage talent.

One of the coolest things about our new life at The Factory will be a new store-front space with a studio for our streaming Roots Radio station. For the first time we'll be able to supplement our "jukebox" of MCR recordings with live sessions and interviews. You'll be able to drop by to meet our staff, get information or buy show merch weekdays from 10-2 and on most Saturday mornings.

If you haven't visited MusicCityRoots.com in a few weeks, please do. You'll find a totally redesigned web site with a better look and easier access to information. We are definitely still tweaking and adding content, so if you see something strange, we are probably already working on it.

Music City Roots is a weekly live radio show and HD webcast featuring the finest roots and Americana music based in or passing through Nashville. Since going on the air in October 2009, Music City Roots has broadcast the authentic sound of today’s Music City, embracing the traditional and the progressive in equal measure. Every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm Central, four or five guest artists perform to an intimate audience of 300-600 people, with a live broadcast to the world via Livestream.com and flagship radio partner Hippie Radio 94.5 FM. Veteran Grand Ole Opry announcer Keith Bilbrey emcees with help from musical host, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale, and interview guy Craig Havighurst. Thirteen episodes per year are edited for distribution by American Public Television via flagship PBS-affiliate WNPT in Nashville. A syndicated version of the radio show is also broadcast on a growing network of terrestrial radio stations nationwide.

Roots Radio is an Internet radio station featuring live cuts and interviews from the great catalog of recordings captured at Music City Roots since 2009, streaming 24/7 at RootsRadio.com and via free iPhone and Android apps.

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Buller, All-Bluegrass Boy Band Play Monroe’s “Southern Flavor”

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Tue, 2014/07/01 - 11:09pm
Nashville, TN -- Following on the heels of the "Southern Flavor" single release, DSR presents a video - telling the story of the lyrics, the song, and what made the session so special. "Southern Flavor" features Buller on fiddle and vocal with the help of former Bluegrass Boys: Michael Feagan (fiddle), Peter Rowan (guitar/vocal), Buddy Spicher (fiddle), Roland White (mandolin), and Blake Williams (banjo).

Dark Shadow Recording will be releasing 'Tween Earth And Sky later in 2014. Two singles are currently available via Airplay Direct.

“We knew this would be a very cool recording and I'm glad we were able to get our pal AJ Schubert to document the whole process. The cut is fantastic on it's own, and it's really nice to have some insight into the motivation behind it. He caught some great, candid moments and presented a quick history of the song and the players!"

Becky Buller - Southern Flavor "Behind the Scenes" from Dark Shadow Recording on Vimeo.

Visit Buller online at http://www.beckybuller.com. And please check out “Nothin’ To You”, the first single from ‘Tween Earth And Sky, available at http://darkshadowrecording.com.

Dark Shadow Recording is a record label and full-service studio run by a musician for musicians in the Bluegrass, Americana and Folk genres. Stephen Mougin, who has been playing Bluegrass since the age of six, offers everything from song demos and tracking to producing/engineering and recording on the Dark Shadow Recording label. Read all about them at http://darkshadowrecording.com.

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The Roys 4th Studio Album "The View" due September

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Tue, 2014/07/01 - 11:07pm

Nashville, TN -- Award-winning brother/sister Bluegrass duo, The Roys, continue their creative momentum as they gear up for the September release of their fourth studio album, The View. The highly-anticipated project offers the truest representation of The Roys' unique sound to date, and builds upon the duo's success as songwriters, introducing 11 of their new compositions. The brand new album is fueled by the loving, upbeat first single, "No More Lonely," released to radio on June 10 and commercially to fans on June 24 via digital vendors including: iTunes, Amazon, Google plus, Rhapsody and eMusic. The View, a Rural Rhythm Records' release, gives listeners The Roys' most organic project yet, and features a fan-appealing mix of traditional Bluegrass, Country and Gospel.

The duo's previous RRR release, Gypsy Runaway Train (2013), helped to secure Lee and Elaine's place on the global Bluegrass stage. In addition to earning the #1 spot on Sirius XM Bluegrass Junction's Most Played Album Chart for the month of October 2013, the album jumped back up to the chart's #2 spot last month. The reigning three-time Inspirational Country Music (ICM) Bluegrass Artist of the Year award winners proved their radio-friendly consistency with Gypsy, and look to further expand their appeal with The View.

In collaboration with some of today's hottest songwriters, including Steve Dean, Larry Alderman, Jenee Fleenor and Keesy Timmer, as well as Country star Josh Thompson, The Roys are once again poised to take their listeners on an amazing musical journey. Exploring a vast array of human emotions, The View resonates with diversity as it traverses the highs and lows of life. From the inspirationally-celebratory "Mended Wings" to the heartbreak of goodbye found in "Heaven Needed Her More," to the powerfully poignant look at the life of an Alzheimer's patient found in "Sometimes," the duo tackles uncommon topics with grace, compassion and insight. Throughout the album, they are ably backed by band members Clint White (fiddle), Daniel Patrick (banjo) and Erik Alvar (bass).

The siblings teamed up with Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry icon "Whisperin' Bill" Anderson to compose the disc's title track. The song eulogizes Lee and Elaine's grandparents' final resting place at Saint Mary's in New Brunswick, Canada. The lyrics and melody paint images of the small church overlooking the river so masterfully that one might ask if it is the view God sees while looking out his own window.

"Elaine and I poured our souls into this project," Lee admits as he climbs aboard the bus for another whirlwind festival season. "We focused hard on writing what was in our hearts, used our band throughout, and recorded and produced it in our studio. It's a bit unnerving to throw so much of ourselves out there, but we wanted this album to tell The Roys' story," he explains.

For Elaine, this project was a natural evolution. "For years, our fans have been telling us they really love the songs we write," she notes. "We really wanted to explore that. Creatively involving the band in recording the album has helped us gel as performers and broadened a foundation we can continue to build upon. This album, more than anything we've done so far, has our signature on it - from beginning to end. We are very proud and excited for our fans to hear it," Elaine adds enthusiastically.

Track listing for The View:

  1. "No More Lonely"
  2. "Those Boots"
  3. "Heaven Needed Her More"
  4. "Sometimes"
  5. "Live The Life You Love"
  6. "The View"
  7. "No More Tears Left To Cry"
  8. "Northern Skies"
  9. "Black Gold"
  10. "Mended Wings"
  11. "Mandolin Man"
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Dave Adkins' Tops Charts with "Pike County Jail"

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Tue, 2014/07/01 - 11:05pm

Nashville, TN -- Dave Adkins has not only been gaining attention for his powerful live performances and one of a kind lead vocals, but he's also acheiving great chart success with numerous tracks from his Mountain Fever Records' album, Nothing To Lose. "Pike County Jail" was the biggest chart mover on this month’s Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine Top 30 Song chart climbing to #19 from its debut at #30 last month. The album moved up on the magazine’s Top 15 Album chart to #12 from its debut at #15 last month.

Adkins' original song, “Pike County Jail,” is #1 again on the Bluegrass Today Weekly Chart where it has landed in the top spot three times this year and appeared on the chart for 13 consecutive weeks. The popular tune is #2 on the Bluegrass Today Monthly Top 20 for July.

Nothing To Lose also appears at #3 this week on the Roots Music Report (RMR) Top 50 Bluegrass Albums Chart with TWO songs hitting the RMR Top 50 Song Chart - “Tennessee Twister” at #3 and “Nothing To Lose” at #5.

The bluegrass gospel track, “Don’t’ Pray That Way” just made its debut at #9 on the Singing News Magazine Gospel Chart.

Dave Adkins & Edgar Loudermilk are currently on tour including this weekend’s huge Pigeon Forge Patriot Festival held at Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge, TN. Thousands gather every year for this free July 4th celebration. This year’s entertainment line-up includes headliner Lonestar, along with Adkins & Loudermilk, the Pigeon Forge Community Chorus, Tim Kellar Band, the Jimmy Buffet tribute band Sons of Sailors.

Adkins & Loudermilk’s busy summer tour continues with more July performances: July 12 at the Grant Street Music Room in Clarkesville, Georgia; July 17 at the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer festival in Columbus, Ohio; July 19 at the Mountaineer Opry House in Milton, WV; July 20 at the Southern Cove Bluegrass Festival in New Enterprise, PA; and July 31 at the Pickin’ in the Parsons Festival in Parsons, WV.

Please visit AdkinsLoudermilk.com, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and download the SongKick Appo to your smart phone for a complete tour schedule.

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Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road Score #1 Single

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Tue, 2014/07/01 - 11:03pm
Nashville, TN -- Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road have reason to celebrate as their latest single "That's Kentucky," a song penned by Tom T. and Dixie Hall along with Troy Engle, tops the Bluegrass Unlimited national single charts for July 2014. This marks the second time that Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road have reached the top spot on the national chart, their first being "A Light in the Window Again" which topped the chart in September of 2012.

"Watching 'That's Kentucky' climb to #1 on the national bluegrass charts has been an exciting time for our band," says Lorraine Jordan. "This song represents traditional bluegrass in many ways, and we are proud to have been given the opportunity to record such a great song. I would like to thank the songwriters, djs, and especially the fans. Let's all be proud together that a simple song recorded by a simple band is what we all still want to hear."

The band took a fresh approach in the studio while recording this traditional song. In doing so, the band has left fans and critics alike raving! Bluegrass Today calls this, "the most memorable song from Dixie and Tom T. Hall to come down the pike in many a year."

The band's distinct sound and old time flair can be attributed to the bluegrass-rich area of North Carolina from which they hail and borrow their name. The band has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in bluegrass. Carolina Road's performance is a traditional sound with a fresh approach, which includes invigorating instrumentals, smooth blending vocals, and all the energy that you can stand. The future has a lot in store for Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, with many surprises to come!

The International Bluegrass Music Association's annual awards will take place in Lorraine's hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina from September 30 to October 4.

For more information on Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road visit: Website: www.carolinaroadband.com Facebook: facebook.com/carolinaroadband Twitter: @CarolinaRdBand

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Nu-Blu Going All The Way with New Album Due Sept 16

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Mon, 2014/06/30 - 11:27pm

Siler City, NC -- Nu-Blu, the fastest rising act in bluegrass music, is gearing up to release their forthcoming Rural Rhythm Records album, All The Way, on September 16. The new music will serve as the follow-up to their last album, “Ten,” which coincided with the foursome’s musical journey as a band for a full decade.

"With this new project we are going all the way by stepping outside of genre boundaries and letting our fusion of musical tastes and interpretations guide us like never before,” says lead singer Carolyn Routh. “Get ready, we have a few surprises in store and we've never been more excited."

The North Carolina natives will release the 10-track disc that will showcase the individual musicians talents. But get ready because there is a surprise vocalist, someone who is a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, has music in the Grammy Hall of Fame, and has proven to be masterful at crossing genres from Rhythm & Blues to Country to Pop and now is planning on leaving his mark in the Bluegrass world. The musical icon traded vocals with Carolyn on "Jesus and Jones," a song that pays homage to the late George Jones.

In addition, the ‘queen of bluegrass’ Rhonda Vincent makes a special vocal appearance on “That’s What Makes the Bluegrass Blue.”

Track Listing:

  1. "That's What Makes the Bluegrass Blue" (Featuring Rhonda Vincent)
  2. "A Little Good News"
  3. "Rhythm of The Train"
  4. "All the Way"
  5. "Blackjack"
  6. "Isn't She"
  7. "Forgiveless"
  8. "It's Not That Cold in Montana"
  9. "Heavy Cross to Bear"
  10. "Jesus and Jones" - featuring: Special Guest

Guest Musicians:

  • Rob Ickes - Dobro
  • Ron Stewart - Fiddle
  • Martin Parker - Drums
  • Greg Luck - Fiddle

Be prepared, and bring some sunglasses, because the future is looking very bright for Nu-Blu.

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Douglas, Ickes, and Auldridge: "Three Bells" Album Due Sept 16

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Mon, 2014/06/30 - 11:25pm

Nashville, TN -- Three Bells will be released by Rounder on September 16, 2014. The album, a historic collaboration between fellow Dobro masters Jerry Douglas, Mike Auldridge, and Rob Ickes, marks a personally-charged landmark in all three gentlemen’s expansive bodies of work. In addition to marking the three musicians' first work together since 1994's Grammy-winning The Great Dobro Sessions, Three Bells features the final recordings of Douglas' and Ickes’ longtime friend and mentor Auldridge, who passed away on December 28, 2012, shortly after the recording sessions were completed.

In a career that spans four decades and encompasses over 2000 recordings, Jerry Douglas has more than earned his status as one of the world's most celebrated musicians. In addition to his instrumental mastery, the 13-time Grammy winner and three-time Country Music Association Musician of the Year has established a reputation as a ceaselessly inventive recording artist who has drawn from a bottomless well of rootsy styles to create a consistently compelling string of solo albums and collaborative projects.

"The goal was not necessarily to make a record," Douglas explains. "The idea was simply to record some things together, because we needed to, and if there was time and we were able to get enough done, maybe it would become a record. Fortunately, that's how it worked out."

Three Bells finds these master musicians employing their prodigious talents to create a set of spare, emotionally affecting instrumental performances of original tunes as well as some venerable pop and country numbers. Selections include "For Buddy," which Auldridge adapted from an exercise originated by Nashville pedal steel legend Buddy Emmons, the early Tin Pan Alley hit "Silver Threads Among The Gold" and the sentimental title track, best known to Americans in the Browns' hit 1959 country version but originally a French pop standard, "Les Trois Cloches," recorded by Edith Piaf, the Andrews Sisters and others.

Three Bells also features a memorable solo piece by each participant, namely Douglas' playful "The Perils of Private Mulvaney," Ickes' meditative "The Message," and Auldridge's poignant medley of the beloved pop standards "'Till There Was You/Moon River." While those tracks demonstrate the individual skills which have made each musician a potent individual force, it is the chemistry and camaraderie of their group efforts that make Three Bells a memorable experience.

Although Three Bells' unconventional three-Dobro lineup might have proved unwieldy in lesser hands, Auldridge, Douglas and Ickes interact with an effortless rapport that keeps their performances graceful and understated.

"It was important to me to do right by Mike," Douglas states, "so we started out with the intention that this would be all about him, and that we would play what he wanted to play, with no intentions of ever offering it to the public. We went into it a little tentatively, not knowing how far we could push him under the circumstances. But Mike played as good as I have ever heard him play, and he was the most gung-ho of the three of us. And that enthusiasm drove Rob and me to raise our own bars to keep up with him."

"I thought it would be challenging, having three Dobros together, but this was one of the easiest recordings I've ever made," says Ickes. "Mike and I originally thought that Jerry was a little off his rocker to not use a backing band. But there was something special in how the three of us were interacting musically. Even though it was three of the same instrument—and a fretless instrument at that—there was an intelligent conversation occurring, not just three people trying to talk over each other."

"Mike was having such a great time," says Ickes. "Music was his life, and he was so happy to be making this record. He told us several times that he knew that this would be his last recording and that he was honored that it would be with us. I know Jerry and I felt equally honored to make this recording with him.”

"While we were in the studio, I kept thinking 'Why didn't we do this before?'" Douglas recalls. "We should have done it a lot sooner, though perhaps it wasn't meant to happen until now. In any event, I am very proud the work that we did together and the spirit that was captured in these sessions. Best of all, it raised Mike up and made him feel better for awhile, and that was the cherry on top."

Three Bells track listing:

  1. "Silver Threads Among The Gold"
  2. "North"
  3. "Till There Was You / Moon River"
  4. "Dobro Heaven"
  5. "Sunrise Serenade"
  6. "The Perils of Private Mulvaney"
  7. "The Three Bells"
  8. "For Buddy"
  9. "The Message"
  10. "Panhandle Rag"
  11. "I’m Using My Bible for a Roadmap"


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Bluegrass Artist Jeff Brown Honored as Kentucky Colonel

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Mon, 2014/06/30 - 11:23pm

Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome’s very own Jeff Brown was recognized and honored for his long standing contributions on Saturday. Jeffrey was commissioned as an honorary Kentucky Colonel by Governor Steven L. Beshear. The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels does not appoint or commission Kentucky Colonels; that can only be done by the sitting Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The name “Kentucky Colonel” has become synonymous with strength of character, leadership and dedication to the welfare of others.

Jeff Brown is instrumental in both creating quality bluegrass music and in promoting traditional music to upcoming generations. Jeff began playing at the very young age of nine. He and his brother formed the Richlands Bluegrass Boys performing at festivals, fairs, Churches, family reunions etc. In 1993, Jeff started to work for the legendary Larry Sparks as bass player and tenor singer. Jeff worked as a Lonesome Ramblerfrom 1993 to 1996. He continued to play various dates and recording projects with Larry until forming Still Lonesome in 2012.

Jeff has performed on many famous stages such as: the Grand Ole Opry at the world famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Tennessee, along with the television shows Austin City Limits in Austin Texas and Song of the Mountains on PBS. One notable, while performing with Sparks at the Carter Fold in Hiltons Virginia, Jeff was ask to play bass for Johnny Cash along with his wife June Carter Cash.

Jeff has taught traditional music for many years. He helped establish the Traditional Music Program at Southwest Virginia Community College as well as taught an after-school program for elementary and middle school students. Jeff also has served as Coordinator and Co-chair for the Virginia Mountain Music Festival for the last decade. Jeff serves on the musician’s board with The Crooked Road and is always looking for ways to help preserve the music and heritage.

The honor has been given to a broad variety of notable people – including various celebrities, artists, writers, athletes, performers, businesspersons, U.S. and foreign politicians, and members of foreign royal families – some of whom have no obvious connection to Kentucky. The selection process is intended to identify only those with a reputation for high moral standards and a record of "good works" accomplishments.
Over the years, many celebrities have held the title Kentucky Colonel. Here is a list of a few of the individuals: Ashley Judd, Bill Clinton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Crystal Gayle, Dwight Yoakam, Elvis Presley, George Bush, Hugh O’Brien, Jeff Foxworthy, Jeff Gordon, Louise Mandrell, Marie Osmond, Mel Tillis, Muhammad Ali, Naomi Judd, Phyllis Diller, Richard Petty, Ronald Reagan, Tom T. Hall, Whoopi Goldberg, Winston Churchill and Wynonna Judd to name a few.

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Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Arranged for Mandolin

Mandolin Cafe - Mon, 2014/06/30 - 2:00pm
Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has announced the availability of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Arranged in standard notation and tablature for mandolin, by Andrew Driscoll.

Dolly Parton Receives 100-Million Albums Sold Award

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sun, 2014/06/29 - 11:45pm

Somerset, UK -- The most celebrated female in country music history, Dolly Parton, receives, yet, another accolade for RIAA gold, platinum, and multi-platinum career sales of more than 100 million albums worldwide. While attending the historic Glastonbury Music Festival, Dolly took time to speak to journalists before hitting the Pyramid stage in front of a crowd exceeding 100,000 music loving fans. During Dolly’s press event, BBC2 Radio’s Lauren Laverne introduced CTK Management CEO and Dolly Records President Danny Nozell and Glastonbury owner Michael Eavis who made the special plaque presentation which commemorated her sales of 100 million albums worldwide.

“I’ve been so busy making records for the past several decades, I didn’t realize I had racked up so many sales. What a great honor to know that I have so many fans that have supported me through the years. Thanks to the RIAA for the acknowledgment and the plaque I feel very honored and proud,” says Dolly Parton.

2014 has continued to bring Dolly career milestones as her 42nd studio album, Blue Smoke, is her highest charting solo album ever in both the United States (landing at #6 on Billboard Top 200) and in the United Kingdom (landing at #6 on the UK official chart).

Parton's chart history on the Top Country Albums chart is more befitting of her living-legend status: She's notched 42 top 10 albums, with six of them going to No. 1. On the Hot Country Songs chart, she holds the record for the most No. 1s among women, with 25.

Dolly is the most honored female country performer of all time. Achieving 25 RIAA certified gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards, she has had 25 songs reach number 1 on the Billboard Country charts, a record for a female artist. She has 42 career top 10 country albums, a record for any artist, and she has 110 career charted singles over the past 40 years. All-inclusive sales of singles, albums, hits collections, paid digital downloads and compilation usage during her Hall of Fame career have reportedly topped a staggering 100 million records world-wide.

She has garnered 7 Grammy Awards, 10 Country Music Association Awards, 5 Academy of Country Music Awards, 3 American Music Awards and is one of only five female artists to win the Country Music Association's Entertainer of the Year Award. Dolly was inducted as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999. And the litany goes on.

Dolly’s career has spanned nearly five decades and is showing no signs of slowing down. An internationally-renowned superstar, the iconic and irrepressible Parton has contributed countless treasures to the worlds of music, film and television. Some of her hit films have included Nine to Five, Steel Magnolias, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Rhinestone, Straight Talk, and Joyful Noise. Parton received two Oscar® nominations – one for writing the title tune to Nine to Five and the other for Travelin’ Thru from the film Transamerica.

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New Album of Heartfelt Bluegrass from Missy Werner

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sun, 2014/06/29 - 11:44pm

Turn This Heart Around is not just about family, or tradition, or even great music, though it is certainly all of those things and more. It is bluegrass at its core, always teaching, always learning, always sharing. It’s a father’s confidence that his daughter can learn on the fly. Turn This Heart Around is no album of covers, but rather the fruit of a community ideology of bluegrass music that reaches back many years, as vibrant today as it’s ever been, and Missy Werner’s voice owns every word and commands every note on this album. This is what she was raised to know and love. Missy is joined by special guests Sierra Hull, Sarah Siskind, Megan McCormick, Larry Cordle, and more. Songwriters on the project include Gretchen Peters, Bob Morrison, Paula Breedlove, Sarah Siskind, Eric Gibson, and others.

If your earliest childhood memory is dancing around in your room with a doll, singing along to Loretta Lynn, it’s a safe bet you were born to play music. In Missy Werner’s case she’s never stopped playing, though she’s traded the doll for a mandolin and an effortlessly powerful voice. After being brought up in and around the music of her family, she now releases her latest album of bluegrass and Americana songs, Turn This Heart Around, pulling together some of the brightest lights in American roots music to help her realize her vision.

Born to Kentucky natives, Werner was raised in Cincinnati, OH. Both her parents played in a bluegrass band and their music rubbed off on her from a young age. She learned guitar from age eight, studied fiddle in her adolescence, and eventually joined the band with her parents at 15. In her junior year of college she got a call from her father telling her that the band’s mandolinist quit and that she’d need to learn the instrument for a show only six-weeks away. So she grabbed the mandolin her uncle once won at a raffle for $5, and, as if studying for exams weren’t enough, she threw herself at the instrument. “It never occurred to Daddy that I might not be able to do it,” she says. “His faith in me inspired faith in myself. I’ve been playing mandolin ever since.”

In addition to her mandolin and lead vocals, Missy Werner’s band includes Tim Strong on guitar, Jeff Roberts on banjo, long-time friend and occasional bandmate Brandon Godman on fiddle, and Missy’s husband Artie Werner on bass, with all of them sharing their voices as well. But true to the bluegrass community, there are plenty more fingers at play here. “I love bluegrass because it is so inclusive,” Werner says. “Join in and pick up an instrument. Anywhere you see bluegrass, you are likely to see someone showing someone else a chord or a phrase, whether it be at the beginner level or beyond.”

Werner’s joy for bluegrass oozes with genuine humility; in her eyes her success is owed to the sharing, teaching, and learning community of which she’s a part. But don’t be fooled: Missy Werner is as strong a musician as they come, both as a vocalist and an instrumentalist, and her wisdom as an artist shows itself in aligning with producer and long-time friend Jon Weisberger (IBMA Songwriter of the Year 2012), who curates and pulls together mostly-new songs from at least eighteen songwriters. They include Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame nominee Bob Morrison, reigning IBMA songwriter of the year Eric Gibson, Paula Breedlove (Brad Davis, Marie Osmond), Mark Simos (Alison Krauss, Laurie Lewis), and Gretchen Peters (Martina McBride). Plus, Weisberger contributes a few of his own compositions as well.

On Turn This Heart Around, Werner is joined by some very special guests, like bluegrass wunderkind Sierra Hull who lends her talents on mandolin and octave mandolin and one of her own co-compositions, “A Song That I Love.” The voice of Americana songwriter Sarah Siskind (Alison Krauss, Bon Iver) joins Missy on her haunting song, “Wish I Was.” Larry Cordle, who co-wrote “Dead Man Walking,” also joins Werner on the song. Jeremy Garrett (The Infamous Stringdusters) sings lead on an all-quartet Gospel song, “Travelin’ Light”, with Charlie Cushman accompanying on finger-style guitar. This is quite the august musical collective and the album is full of surprises around every corner.

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Grayson Highlands Band Plays Carter Family Fold Saturday

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sun, 2014/06/29 - 11:42pm

The Grayson Highlands Band, from the Jefferson, North Carolina area, plays a variety of old time music, ranging from rousing fiddle tunes to traditional songs and ballads. They are regulars at the Christmas in July Festival, the Albert Hash Festival, the Rugby Fall Festival, the Greater Lansing Area Festival, and the Wayne Henderson Festival. They have also been the guest band on the Gary Poe Live radio show several times, and have won numerous awards at regional fiddlers’ conventions. Saturday, July 5th, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Virginia, will present a concert of old time music by the Grayson Highlands Band. Admission to the concert is $10 for adults, $1 for children 6 to 11, under age 6 free.

Tina Trianosky Steffey is a multi-talented musician who plays the claw hammer banjo for the group. She also plays bass, guitar, and fiddle - and she is an award-winning flatfoot dancer. Tina has won first place in claw hammer banjo at many area contests, including the world’s largest - the Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention in Galax, Virginia.. Tina was featured on the debut release by guitar virtuoso Clay Jones - Mountain Tradition. She is married to Adam Steffey. They are parents to two beautiful twin boys – A.P. & Riley.

Susan Trianosky, Tina’s mother, is featured on acoustic bass, guitar, and vocals. She was a founding member of the Appalachian Mountain Girls, an all-girl old time band, prior to joining the Grayson Highlands Band.

Paul Trianosky, Susan’s husband, plays mandolin and sings lead and harmony. He has played with some well-known bluegrass bands, including the McPeak Brothers, Southern Rail, and Blue Plate Special, as well as having a number of original songs published and recorded by various artists.

Jerry Smith, Susan’s father and Tina’s grandfather, is the leader of the band, playing guitar and acoustic bass. Jerry has been in the band 18 years, calling square dances and providing lead vocals and emcee work.

Rhoda Kemp is an award-winning musician who plays acoustic bass with the Grayson Highlands Band. Rhoda has performed on banjo, autoharp, guitar, and vocals with a number of well-known regional bands including the Original Orchard Grass Band and the Clifton Family Band.

The band will be bringing along a fiddler, so you can be sure there will be lots of dance tunes.

For some of the best old time music around, don’t miss the Grayson Highlands Band at the Carter Family Fold. Bring along your dancing shoes, and join us for an evening of fun-filled family entertainment by one of the best old time family bands you’ll ever see.

Carter Family Memorial Music Center, Incorporated, is a nonprofit, rural arts organization established to preserve traditional, acoustic, mountain music. For further information on the center, go to http://www.carterfamilyfold.org. Shows from the Carter Family Fold can be accessed on the internet at http://www.carterfoldshow.com.

Carter Music Center is part of the Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. You can visit the Crooked Road Music Trail site at http://thecrookedroad.org. Partial funding for programs at the center is provided by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. For recorded information on shows coming up at the Fold, call 276-386-6054. The Fold is on Facebook – page Carter Fold – and Twitter – @carterfoldinfo.

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ArtistWorks and Mandolin Cafe Present Mando Magic, a Live Online Session with Mike Marshall

Mandolin Cafe - Sun, 2014/06/29 - 5:15pm
ArtistWorks, the leading provider of interactive online music lessons, has teamed up with Mandolin Cafe to present a rare, live online workshop with world-renowned mandolin player, and ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass online teaching artist, Mike Marshall, July 9 at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time/8:30 PM Eastern time

Doyle Lawson & Del McCoury Hall of Fame Plaques Unveiled

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sat, 2014/06/28 - 11:48pm

Owensboro, KY -- Award winning bluegrass music artists and Hall of Fame inductees Doyle Lawson (2012) and Del McCoury (2011) had their Hall of Fame plaques unveiled at this year's ROMP festival. The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) has a committee that selects the inductees for each year. The two artists saw their Hall of Fame Plaques unveiled between sets at ROMP Fest in Owensboro this past Thursday. Both the Del McCoury Band and Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver performed during ROMP on Thursday. The plaque unveiling is a major tribute to these Hall of Fame Inductees.

Induction into the Hall of Fame is determined by a committee appointed by the International Bluegrass Music Association (a sister-organization that is wholly independent from this museum). Selection takes place each year in two stages: nomination and election. A nominating committee consisting of music industry leaders creates a slate of 10-15 candidates. From these names, a panel of the candidates’ peers in the music industry cast ballots to narrow the nominees to five finalists. There are over 200 electors. To be an elector, one must have personally and actively participated in bluegrass for at least 10 years and have merited respect and recognition for their accomplishments and knowledge in one or more aspects of the field.

After the five finalists have been selected, the panel again votes to select the inductee(s) for that year. The balloting is conducted by an independent accounting firm. The name(s) of the newest IBMA Bluegrass Hall of Fame inductee(s) are made public immediately following the final stage of balloting. Formal induction takes place each year during the International Bluegrass Music Awards Show in Nashville, TN.

After induction, the Hall of Fame plaques are installed in the International Bluegrass Music Museum’s Hall of Fame in Owensboro, Kentucky. An Unveiling Ceremony takes place at the museum on Opening Day of ROMP. Thereafter, the plaques are on permanent exhibit.

A native Tennessean, Doyle Lawson was honored in February 2012 by Governor Bill Haslam and the State of Tennessee for his contributions to the state and America through his music (Senate Joint Resolution 467).

Lawson was heralded by journalist Craig Havighurst as “one of music’s lions” following his band’s performance at the 2011 IBMA Awards Press Conference in Nashville. Of Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver’s performance — which garnered three standing ovations from a sold-out crowd in Nashville — Havighurst wrote: “There was no question who was going to close the show. Doyle Lawson is one of music’s lions at this point, and when he came out in perhaps the most beautiful western jacket I’ve ever seen... he was a holy vision. ... When DLQ, in quartet mode, nailed the final chorus of the a cappella gospel song “He Made It All Right,” I swear we were mainlining the holy spirit. You know how the word awesome gets overused and misused? Here’s where it applies.”

Legendary in the Bluegrass genre and called a “mandolin virtuoso” with “perfectly silken harmony” by The New York Times, Doyle Lawson broke new ground in 2011 with a benchmark Children’s Hospital and Arena Tour, the first tour of its kind in any genre, combining National Anthem performances at major sporting arenas with performances for boys and girls at Children’s Hospitals in the same cities or regions. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver performed for nearly 108,000 people during six games in 2011 alone — not including Live broadcast audiences for the NBA and NCAA games — as well as for countless children, families, and staff in visits to children’s hospitals. DLQ sang their first NASCAR Anthem in 2012, kicking off Sprint All-Star Weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway, NASCAR’s second largest track with 165,000 screaming fans, as they performed the National Anthem for NASCAR’s Education Lottery 200 in May, with other superstars on hand for the weekend including Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton. Pretty impressive numbers and company from the little boy from Kingsport, who grew up to be a Legend.

Del McCoury is something special, a living link to the days when bluegrass was made only in hillbilly honkytonks, schoolhouse shows and on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, yet also a commandingly vital presence today, from prime time and late night talk show TV to music festivals where audiences number in the hundreds of thousands. "Here's a guy who has been playing for fifty years, and he's still experimenting-still looking to do things outside the box, to bring other kinds of music into bluegrass form,"says Americana music icon Richard Thompson, who saw his "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"turned into a bluegrass standard when McCoury brought it into the fold. "I think that's the best bluegrass band, period. That's it."

Born in southeastern Pennsylvania seventy years ago, Del McCoury would once have seemed an unlikely candidate for legendary status. Bitten hard by the bluegrass bug when he heard Earl Scruggs' banjo in the early 50s- "everybody else was crazy about Elvis, but I loved Earl,"he says with a chuckle-McCoury became a banjo picker himself, working in the rough but lively Baltimore and D.C. bar scene into the early 1960s. He got his first taste of the limelight when he joined Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys in early 1963; the Father of Bluegrass moved McCoury from the banjo to guitar, made him his lead singer, and gave him a lifetime's worth of bluegrass tutelage direct from the source in the course of little more than a year. But rather than parlay his gig with the master into a full-time career of his own, he returned to Pennsylvania in the mid-60s to provide steady support for his new and growing family.

Within a few years, McCoury had settled into work in the logging industry-and formed his own band, the Dixie Pals. For the next decade and a half, he piloted the group through a part-time career built mostly around weekend appearances at bluegrass festivals and recordings for labels ranging from the short-lived and obscure, to roots music institutions like Arhoolie and Rounder Records. And while there were the inevitable personnel changes and struggles to contend with, McCoury was also building a songbook filled with classics remade in his own image and a growing number of originals-songs like "High On A Mountain," "Are You Teasing Me,""Dark Hollow,""Bluest Man In Town,""Rain And Snow," "Good Man Like Me,""Rain Please Go Away"and more-that would become an important part of his legacy in years to come.

The first big sign of change came in 1981, when McCoury's 14 year old son, Ronnie, joined the Dixie Pals as their mandolin player. Banjo playing younger brother Rob came on board five years later, and by the end of the decade, the three McCourys were ready to make a move. "We came to Nashville in 1992," Ron recalls, "and it was dad's idea. He'd been watching bluegrass on TNN-Bill Monroe, the Osborne Brothers, Jim & Jesse-and thought that it was the place to be, that we'd have a new outlet there, where we could get some more attention. And without a doubt, moving to Nashville and just going for it turned out to be really big." If anything, the younger McCoury's understating the case. Armed with a new Rounder Records association-and a newly named Del McCoury Band that soon included not only his sons but a complete cast of youngsters-Del McCoury's career soared. Del himself got the ball rolling early in the decade with three consecutive Male Vocalist of the Year awards from the prestigious International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), and in 1994 the quintet began an astonishing streak of top.

Entertainer of the Year honors that would net them 9 trophies in an 11 year stretch-along with ongoing honors for Ronnie (8 straight Mandolin Player of the Year awards), fiddler Jason Carter (3 Fiddle Player of the Year trophies), and a wide array of projects featuring Del and the ensemble.

The 2014 Hall of Fame inductee announcements will be formally made prior to the IBMA's World of Bluegrass Awards Show that takes place later this year. The plaques will be entered into the International Bluegrass Music Museum's hall following the formal ceremonies which will again take place in Raleigh, North Carolina this year.

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Frankfort Bluegrass Festival: 2 Days of Family Fun

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sat, 2014/06/28 - 11:46pm

Frankfort, IL -- The sound of bluegrass music and the sight of people having fun will be the scene in historic Frankfort, Illinois, the weekend of July 12 and 13. The 4th Annual Frankfort Bluegrass Festival will take place downtown with fun for the whole family. The free, two day event will feature national, regional, and local bluegrass bands with activities, jamming, crafts, and vendors on Breidert Green (located at Kansas and Oak Streets), surrounded by a town square filled with shops, restaurants, and a children’s museum. This is a family event that offers something for everyone at a price everyone can afford!

At the heart of the festival is the music, offering all flavors of Bluegrass, from traditional to progress and everything in between. Relax in your chair or on your blanket and enjoy a line-up of premier bluegrass bands from all over the country, including Town Mountain from Asheville, NC, The HillBenders from Springfield, MO, MilkDrive from Austin, TX, Chris Jones and The Night Drivers from Nashville, TN, Oak Street Ramblers from Madison, WI, The Henhouse Prowlers from Chicago, and more. Music goes from 10 am – 10 pm on Saturday (7/12), and 10 am – 8 pm on Sunday (7/13). Click HERE to see the schedule.

Other fun things to do include a kids tent with activities and instrument demonstrations, a jamming tent for people to gather and pick, instrument demonstrations at the Down Home Guitars tent, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie will have wildflower seeds, kids crafts, and more, there will be a reptile show on Saturday, and Mr. D’s Magic and Illusion show on Sunday.

Craft vendors will have fair trade clothing, handmade guitars, garden art, and more. The Farmers Market will also be going on Sunday from 10 am - 2 pm. Whether you're in the mood for a quick snack, festival munchies, or relaxing dinners and lunches, great food will be provided by festival vendors and local restaurants.

“It's all for the love of the music,” said April Jackson, festival board member. “This year’s entertainment is better than ever, with national headliners from all over the country. I am so excited to meet new people and hear some phenomenal music,” she shared.

With old-fashioned streetscapes and streetlights, Frankfort's historic downtown is well known for its old-world charm. There are unique boutiques, quality restaurants, and a children's museum amidst a quintessential small-town setting. While you are at the festival, plan to take some time to explore Frankfort.

The community-sponsored event offers families and friends an opportunity to gather and enjoy an exceptional weekend of music, activities, and fun at no cost. This is only made possible thanks to community support and sponsorships.

“We are a non-profit and need the support of patrons to continue to make this annual fest free,” said April. “Thank you so much to all of our sponsors, volunteers, and friends of the fest who have donated their time and money, goods and services to help us present this free family festival. We are very appreciative!”

Learn more at www.frankfortbluegrassfest.com and view the schedule at www.frankfortbluegrassfest.com/Schedule.html. We’ll see you on the Green July 12 and 13!

The 2014 Frankfort Bluegrass Festival line-up will presentTown Mountain, The HillBenders, Chris Jones and The Night Drivers, Special Consensus, MilkDrive, The Henhouse Prowlers, Eric Lambert & Friends, Kenny and Amanda Smith, DOG 1, Sunnyside Up, Bluegrass Escape, Illinois Rail, Oak Street Ramblers, and The Templetons.

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Ticket Presale for Dailey & Vincent Live Public Television Special

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Fri, 2014/06/27 - 11:58pm

The exclusive presale for our September 13, 2014 LIVE recorded event begins today for D&V fans! To secure your seats at Dailey & Vincent's first ever LIVE recorded CD/DVD/Public Television Concert Special at the Hylton Center in Manassas, VA, follow the link below, using the code for exclusive presale access. The presale will run until June 30th, and will be made available to the public July 1st. We hope to see all of you there to share this truly special moment with us! Click Here to purchase tickets now. The presale code is D&VFAN. Tickets will probably sell quickly due to the popularity of this bluegrass act.

Dailey & Vincent are preparing to put together a live show which will be available in audio and video formats and, as a part of this project, the show will be a Public Television Concert Special. The Live program will be released in both CD and DVD formats and the ticket sales are to attend the taping for the Public Television broadcast of the program.

Here is their announcement:

For a while now, you have been asking us for our live show on DVD. We're excited to announce that we will be taping our first ever LIVE CD/DVD/Public Television concert special this coming September 13, at the Hylton Center in Manassas, VA! We want all of you to come be a part of it with us. To all of our fans online, we're offering you an exclusive presale from June 27-30. Tickets go an sale to the general public July 1. More details will be announced soon on our Facebook page, so stay tuned! Mark your calendars, we want you to be with us! We will be debuting a few new songs, along with fan favorites, and we're working on a special performance to honor our heroes. We hope to see you there!
  - Jamie & Darrin (Dailey & Vincent)

Dailey & Vincent is one of the top Bluegrass bands in America. From the very beginning of their partnership in late 2007, Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent quickly established themselves as fresh voices in their genre. The concoction of their fantastically powerful vocal blends, 4 award-winning studio albums, and heavy touring schedules has gained them well-deserved attention from bluegrass, country, and gospel critics and fans alike.

Dailey & Vincent has been recognized as 3-time IBMA Entertainer of The Year, 3-time IBMA Vocal Group of the Year, 2-time Grammy nominee, and Dove Award winners. Equally at home with material from any of the aforementioned genres, Jamie and Darrin continue to expand on the possibilities of what kinds of music can become “Dailey & Vincent" music.

The band has also become a perennial favorite on the touring and festival circuit: they play over 115 shows per year to sold out crowds in the United States and have developed a strong international following.

Young but seasoned veterans of bluegrass, traditional country, and gospel groups themselves, Dailey and Vincent have built on the experience and knowledge gained from working with Doyle Lawson (Dailey) and John Hartford and Ricky Skaggs (Vincent) to forge their own distinct career path. Darrin Vincent began his career onstage at age two with his family band, The Sally Mountain Show (and has been singing with his sister Rhonda for most of his life). Jamie Dailey also comes from a musical family: his father, guitarist J.B. Dailey, was a founding member of The Four J's, a regional gospel quartet. Jamie started singing when he was just three years old. By the time he was nine, he was learning to play bass and guitar, and within a few years, he added banjo to his repertoire.

The duo’s two most recent albums, Dailey & Vincent Sing the Statler Brothers and The Gospel Side of Dailey and Vincent, both garnered Grammy nominations, but each had a very specific focus. With Brothers Of The Highway, Dailey & Vincent made a conscious attempt to take stock of their careers so far, a sort of look “Back To The Future,” heeding the admonition of their friend and mentor Ricky Skaggs, who advised them “you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.”

While Dailey and Vincent continue to draw on the lessons they learned over the years about respect for musical integrity and the importance of tradition, they have certainly planted their own flag deeply and permanently into the soil of American music.

In the world of acoustic traditional music, “sibling harmony” is special. It’s no accident that the best harmonies in bluegrass, dating back to its earliest days, have been by siblings: the Monroe Brothers, the Stanley Brothers, the Osborne Brothers, Jim & Jesse, and Dailey & Vincent’s contemporaries the Gibson Brothers. In traditional country music, the Delmore Brothers and the Louvin Brothers both left their unique mark.

Although Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent aren’t related by blood, the instinctive vocal blend they have achieved rivals that of any singing siblings: it’s no accident that they titled an earlier album Brothers From Different Mothers, and with Brothers Of The Highway, the ties they’ve forged grow ever stronger.

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Last Chance for Advance Grey Fox Tix to See Nickel Creek, Del & More

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Fri, 2014/06/27 - 11:56pm
Howdy, Bluegrass Lovers! This is the last chance to grab advance tickets to see 40+ incredible bands including Nickel Creek, Del McCoury Band and more. There are also the must-see workshops, emerging artist showcases, kids activities, and way more! Advance ticket sales ends Monday, June 30th! Only 4000 Camping Tickets Sold. Don't Miss Out!

Once a year, like magic, a small tent city appears in a farmer's field in Oak Hill, NY, about 30 miles southwest of Albany, NY. For five days in July, it is home to thousands of bluegrass and roots music fans from 30 to 40 states and several countries, often including visitors from Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Russia, the Czech Republic, and as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Japan. About a quarter attendees are day visitors, but the bulk of Grey Fox fans come to camp, enjoy the summer weather, hear their favorite bands, discover new ones, meet new and old friends and when the time is right they tune up their guitars, mandolins, banjos, fiddles and basses and jam until they drop.

A Saturday snapshot from Grey Fox 2013

his year attendees get to experience a wealth of bluegrass including Del McCoury’s 75th Birthday Celebration (2 big days with Del!), The Gibson Brothers, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott, The Claire Lynch Band, Steep Canyon Rangers, Della Mae, Jim Lauderdale, Keller Williams featuring The Travelin’ McCourys, Balsam Range, Deadly Gentlemen, The Hillbenders. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers. Red Wine, Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line, Steel Wheels, Town Mountain, Wood & Wire, Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys, Barley Jacks, Gangstagrass, John Kirk, Trish Miller and Quickstep, Barefoot Movement, Mala & Fyrmoon & MORE. As always, hosted by Dry Branch Fire Squad

The 2014 Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival set for July 17-20 in Oak Hill, NY. This is one of America's finest bluegrass music festivals and it historically brings people from all over the world to enjoy the outstanding lineup of talent presented each year.

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