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Educators' Day Events at Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Thu, 2014/07/17 - 11:27pm

Bristol, TN/VA -- In preparation for the Grand Opening of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum (BCMM), BCMM's Education Committee wants to ensure educators in both Virginia and Tennessee view the museum as an important educational resource. BCMM is committed to providing interdisciplinary material and experiences that will help teachers and students achieve their educational goals. In order to do so, BCMM is planning an Educators’ Day on July 22, 2014 and two days of in-services for regional teachers on July 23 and July 24, 2014. These events will offer educators from our region a “sneak peek” at the new museum before Grand Opening Events Weekend August 1-3. It will also offer an opportunity to earn professional development/in-service hours.

The Educators’ Day program will include brief tours and opportunities for educators to learn more about how the BCMM can assist them in meeting their academic objectives. Volunteers from the BCMM’s Educational Committee will lead educators on “sneak peek” tours of the museum and will also provide some information about our educational initiatives, including the kinds of in-services that our Education and Outreach program will make available during the school year. This will be a wonderful opportunity for area teachers and find out what kinds of needs the museum can fill for them. There will be Q&A sessions after the tours.

Teachers Invited to Attend Educators' Day & In-service Events at BCMM

There will be three sessions on Educator’s day: 10 AM to 12 PM, 1 PM to 3 PM, and 3 PM to 5 PM. Teachers who attend one of these sessions will receive a certificate for two hours of professional development. Spaces are limited, so pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Those who pre-register for a session will be guaranteed a seat; others will be given seats on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals may pre-register by calling Tracey Childress at 423-573-1927.

Teachers can attend any one of the Educators’ Day sessions and receive two hours of credit. They can also attend any of the other in-service sessions (listed below) for a more structured and discipline-specific session. The in-depth programs offer 5 hours of credit each.

For educators who would like a more in-depth look at how the BCMM can support them in their classrooms, two days’ worth of in-service programs will be offered to serve educators in different disciplines, led by experienced professionals with experience in delivering continuing education sessions. These sessions will take into consideration both the Virginia Standards of Learning and the Common Core Curriculum used in Tennessee.

Educators attending these in-service sessions will each receive a certificate for 5 hours of credit. Sessions will begin at 9 AM, with a one-hour break at 12:30 for teachers to have lunch on their own. The sessions will resume at 1:30 and will last until 4 PM.The last segment of the in-service will be a preview tour of the museum, led by the in-service presenter and the BCMM Education Curator. As with the sessions on Educators’ Day, space is limited. Teachers who want to be assured of a space for the in-service of their choice are strongly encouraged to pre-register.

Three (3) in-service programs will be offered for teachers to choose from. One program will focus on music history and style; another will connect the material in the Birthplace of Country Museum to critical thinking in the humanities; and a third is a STEM-focused in-service titled The Science of Sound. Music teachers are welcome, but we are also eager to serve others in the arts, humanities, and science.

In-service dates and brief descriptions are as follows:

July 23 9:00-4:00:
Why the Sessions? An Informational Overview of the Bristol Sessions, focusing on music history and styles of music.
Science of Sound: Recording and Radio History in the Classroom
July 24 9:00-4:00:
The Museum as Tool for Teaching Critical Thinking and Humanities Themes
Science of Sound (second date for overflow only if needed)

Birthplace of Country Music Museum is excited about the prospect of working with schools in our area to promote both excellence in education and an awareness of our region’s rich cultural and musical heritage. Thank you for considering this opportunity, and we look forward to serving you.

To register for one of the in-services above, please contact Tracey Childress at The Birthplace of Country Music. Her email is tchildress@birthplaceofcountrymusic.org, and her telephone number is 423-573-1927.

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Come to Sante Fe for a Bluegrass Weekend Aug 23-24

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Thu, 2014/07/17 - 11:26pm

James Reams & The Barnstormers, the band that was nominated by the International Bluegrass Music Association in 2002 as Emerging Artist of the Year, will be performing at the Santa Fe Bluegrass & Old Time Music Festival on Saturday, August 23rd and Sunday, August 24th along with The Chapmans as well as Higher Ground and more. The festival runs August 22-24 and is held at the County Fairgrounds located at 3229 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe, NM 87507. Tickets can be purchased online from Southwest Pickers. Information about camping is also available on their website.

This festival is a perfect opportunity for that summer vacation with the family! Located just 5 miles south of historic downtown Santa Fe, the Bluegrass & Old Time Music Festival lets you enjoy great music while giving you and your family the opportunity to browse the handcrafted Native American jewelry market, visit world-class art museums, and tour historic sites. The festival includes a full schedule of bluegrass workshops, an old-fashioned barn dance, and contests too! The fun starts at 7 PM on Friday night and runs until mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Music critic Jerry Paul (former editor of Acoustica) described lead singer James Reams: “James is such an inspiration to watch. He truly feels his music, and sings from her very soul. If James is ever within your area, he is a ‘must see’ bluegrass icon.” James Reams & The Barnstormers provide a contemporary take on traditional bluegrass; blending it with innovation and vitality to create their own branch on the “roots” tree. In a review of an early album by James Reams, fRoots (an international magazine that specializes in world music) declared, “Traditional music kept alive by a stylish performer… Powerful, emotional music that needs to be heard.”

Raised in eastern Kentucky but now living in Phoenix, James Reams puts a layer of desert grit over a solid base of traditional bluegrass music. His band treads the terrain where bluegrass, old-time, classic country and rockabilly meet in the night to swap stories. These are the sounds of the hills and hollers combined with the sounds of factories, railroad yards and honky tonks.

The band celebrated 20 years of playing bluegrass music in 2013 with a coast-to-coast tour from New York to California. The much anticipated DVD documentary “Making History with Pioneers of Bluegrass Music” hosted by James Reams was released in July of 2013. James is currently accepting bookings to screen the film with Q&A afterwards. Their latest CD, One Foot in the Honky Tonk, made two Top Ten CDs of 2011 lists and had a single that charted nationally.

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Missy Werner Welcomes Fiddler Suzanna Barnes to the Band

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Thu, 2014/07/17 - 12:04am

On the heels of her recent album release, Missy Werner announced the addition of fiddle player and vocalist Suzanna Barnes to the band saying, "I am delighted that Suzanna is joining us. She is a versatile musician, she adds an entirely new facet to our sound, and I look forward to working with her."

Werner commented, "Her work ethic in preparation for our CD release events has been exceptional, and I know she will fit right in. We are all very pleased for her to come aboard."

Suzanna says, "I love playing Bluegrass music and am thrilled to be a part of the band."

Barnes, a native Cincinnatian, began displaying her musical talent at age 3 and shortly thereafter started with classical violin lessons in the Suzuki method, later branching out to Bluegrass and Jazz music with a strong interest in improvisation and concentration on reading music. She has attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts, The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Manhattan, and soon after gained a Bachelor's Degree at the acclaimed University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Suzanna is a sought-after teacher and performer in the area and holds a certification to train in the Mark O'Connor method. She is also a published author with Mel Bay Publishing.

"Suzanna enters the band with a great deal of musical knowledge and enthusiasm," says Missy's husband and bass player Artie Werner. "She has a knack for improvising exciting breaks on the fly, and has quickly picked up on our song catalog."

For more information about the band visit their website, www.missywerner.com

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Mark O’Connor's Fiddle Method Comes to Texas

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Thu, 2014/07/17 - 12:00am

The O’Connor Method has been revered as the method to rival, as it combines the art of teaching young children with the teaching of American music. By joining the rich heritage of American music with the art of playing a stringed instrument, the O’Connor Method has the ingredients to stand the test of time in every aspect of a creative string method. Founded by fiddler, Mark O’Connor, the method is centered around engaging young musicians with American music history.

The method has taken storm across the world, as it has now taken center stage in many counties outside the United States. This ripple effect has proven the vitality of the method, allowing for teachers from all nationalities and backgrounds to resonate with it. Because of it’s wide appeal, the O’Connor Method has impacted a wide range of musicians, music enthusiasts and music professionals. Some have deemed the method as the next generation of string education. As some have been quoted as stating the method as being a catalyst for music reentering the public school system.

The importance of the method cannot be overlooked. There are mountains of proof of it’s importance in the lives of those that study and teach stringed instruments. Whether you are a cellist, fiddler, guitarist or mandolinist; this method will work for you. Whether you play bluegrass, country, folk, jazz or classical; this method will have music for you.

The O'Connor Method focuses on bringing new music to young fiddle players by way of empowering teachers with the tools they need to engage students in a fresh way. The method is designed to positively impact children of all ages, especially those that have never played an instrument.

Texas is a proud state, and even prouder to announce the method making it’s formal debut in the form of the Texas O’Connor Method Organization. The organization(TOMO)consists of faculty that are passionate about the method and the values the method promotes. TOMO is committed to producing camps, jam sessions and educational opportunities that facilitate the creative atmosphere the method encourages. The O’Connor Method is extremely happy to be be in Texas, and Texas is ready for the O’Connor Method.

“My dream is an American string revolution.”
  - Mark O’Connor, fiddler, composer, author

Official Links:

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Support Musicians Against Childhood Cancer Beginning Today

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Wed, 2014/07/16 - 1:55pm

The annual Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) begins today! A magnificent lineup of bluegrass music artists will be performing for this 4-day event. 30th Annual MACC/Bluegrass Classic at Hoover Y-Park, Columbus, Ohio. The dates for the music festival are July 16 - 19, 2014. Proceeds from this festival will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Since the year 2000, MACC and you have donated $755,690.00 to St. Jude and the Y.M.C.A., helping children around the world. This year will be the 15th Year for Musicians Against Childhood Cancer. Support this worth while event even if you can't be there in person.

The event kicked off today with Rarely Herd followed by the Clay Hess Band. Soon up will be the award winning Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper. Your top artists including Blue Highway, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out, Junior Sisk and more! And, that's just for today!

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out headline Musicians Against Childhood Cancer Festival Friday, July 18th with a special concert that includes performances with Alternative Strings, an orchestra comprised of students grades 8-12 from the Centerville, Ohio school system.

The combination of top artists in bluegrass music and an orchestra of young students was the brainchild of music educator and Alternative Strings conductor, Doug Eyink, who began putting his students in performance situations with professional bluegrass artists just a few years ago. After seeing Alternative Strings perform, Darrel Adkins approached Eyink about presenting a special concert at the MACC festival each year. Eyink happily agreed and the rest is history.

"The group this year is an equal mix of Centerville Alternative Strings and The School of Strings Junior Alternative Strings'" states Eyink. "About half of these kids have never had the opportunity to perform at the MACC or with a headliner band such as Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out. I am a life-long fan of Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out and I have so much respect for each of them as professional musicians. I have all of their recordings, so this opportunity to arrange music to perform with them is absolutely mind blowing and amazing!"

This special concert event will take place on Friday, July 18th at 10:00pm ET and will include several of Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out's most popular songs including "John & Mary," "My Angeline," and "Pretty Little Girl From Galax," among others. "We've never done anything like this before," explains IBMA's 5-Time Male vocalist, Russell Moore. "We're all really excited about the opportunity and, hopefully, the audience at the MACC festival will wrap their arms around it as well!

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver will perform at the MACC Festival in Columbus TOMORROW!! Come support a great cause and enjoy one of the Summer's best festivals!!

Other top bluegrass acts participating will be Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, the Gibson Brothers, Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers, Marty Raybon & Full Circle, Adkins & Loudermilk, Lonesome River Band, Flatt Lonesome, The Grascals, Seldom Scene, Larry Stephenson Band, Lou Reid & Carolina, The SteelDrivers, J.D Crowe & Josh Williams, Lost & Found, Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time, Feller & Hill and more!!!

The Musicians Against Childhood Cancer festival will take place July 16th through 19th at Hoover Y-Park in Lockbourne, Ohio. In addition to the concert with Alternative Strings on Friday, July 18th, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out will also perform on Wednesday, July 16th at 6:00pm. For more information on the MACC festival, visit www.bluegrassclassic.com. For more information on Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, visit www.iiirdtymeout.com.

This special concert event will take place on Friday, July 18th at 10:00pm ET and will include several of Russell Moore

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Tim Stafford's "Just to Hear the Whistle Blow" Released

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Tue, 2014/07/15 - 11:16pm

The time has come for the new solo record, Just to Hear the Whistle Blow, from influential guitarist and singer, prolific songwriter, and Blue Highway co-founder Tim Stafford. The guitar-driven title track, the album’s first single, is currently generating airplay on a number of stations. A new twist on the classic train song, it tells the tale of someone who wished he had hopped a freight car and is sure to please fans of both traditional and progressive bluegrass alike.

The 14-track musical set features an all-star line-up across the bluegrass genre. Joining Stafford are Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, Barry Bales, and Stuart Duncan as the core band, with special appearances by John Gardner, Marty Raybon, Steve Gulley and Beth Snapp.

Thanks so much to everyone for making Just to Hear the Whistle Blow such a success already! The project debuted in June on Airplay Direct as the number one album on the Bluegrass / Folk chart and number two in the Top Fifty Albums! The official release date is today, July 15, and I want to thank you again for your help in spreading the word!
  -- Tim Stafford

Having performed on a host of records and contributed original songs to numerous others, Grammy and multiple IBMA award recipient Stafford certainly showcases his talents in this, his first solo release in ten years. Stafford's solo songwriting and arrangements add 7 pieces to the album, while his writing partners on the remaining tracks include Steve Gulley, Barry Bales, Bobby Starnes, Alan Stockard, and Jon Weisberger.

Cybergrass recently posted a review of the album and it is wonderful. That's an understatement. This is Tim's best solo effort ever and is sure to please fans across multiple musical styles. The album is a mixture of thirteen instrumentals and vocal tracks. Each track expresses a new facet of Stafford's gem cut qualities. Never too much or too little, songs like the title track and "Fatner Nelson" are pure and emotional. You can almost feel the joy he has performing each song as if each brings a smile to his face. He and the other artists really get into it. They're all having fun putting this piece of art together. That is what music is all about.

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Bluegrass Brothers Release "Generations" of Traditional Bluegrass

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Tue, 2014/07/15 - 11:14pm

Virginia favorites, The Bluegrass Brothers, release their brand new album, Generations on Mountain Fever Records. The first single, "Memories of My Childhood," written by Danny Lam, was released in May and marked the re-birth of this stellar bluegrass institution and brother duo. The single charted last week at #14 in the nation on Bluegrass Today's weekly airplay chart.

The release of Generations harkens back to the brother duo traditions of the Lilly Brothers, The Osbourne Brothers and more. Having worked crowds into a frenzy at their live shows for almost twenty years, Generations is the next logical step in the career of this former SPGMA Instrumental Group of the Year. Many are saying this is arguably the strongest release in their career.

Originally formed by a band of brothers, the two original remaining siblings, Robert and Victor, are now joined by Victor's two sons, Steven on guitar and Donald on mandolin. Friend and player Chris Hart is the only non-brother member of the band and plays dobro.

Donald, who is known to have one of the strongest and more authentic voices in traditional bluegrass music, did a stint with James King before joining his father's group. The band is better than they have ever been.

Having grown up in bluegrass music families in Virginia, their musical geneology shines through when they hit the stage. They've accomplished numerous milestones in their career including the band's big boost with the recording of The Ballad of Mark Warner in 2001, in which they performed all over the state for the Virginia Gubernatorial campaign. They were named SPBGMA Instrumental Group of the Year in 2010 and the band was inducted into the Virginia Folk Music Association's Hall of Fame in September of 2011.

They continue to travel all over the United states and Canada entertaining and carrying on the tradition of bluegrass music to all who will lend an ear.

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Inside Tips from a Vocal Coach to the Stars

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Tue, 2014/07/15 - 11:12pm

/CMA Closeup/ By Tricia Despres
There was a time when a singer's voice disorders were mainly about crisis management. But recently, preventative treatment has become important, es­pecially in Nashville, where the voice is one’s moneymaker.

“For many years when we saw an artist, it was very hush-hush,” said Dr. Gaelyn Garrett, Medical Director at the Vanderbilt Voice Center and an Associate Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology. “It was literally taboo to think something was wrong or say that something was wrong. Artists were scared.” If they weren’t working, they weren’t getting paid, their band members weren’t getting paid, their agents weren’t getting paid… The list went on and on.

“But I think the labels now all recognize that it’s like professional sports — a knee injury is going to take out a football player as much as a voice injury is going to take out a singer,” added Garrett, whose clients have included Country stars Gary Allan and Josh Turner. “It behooves them to proceed with some preventative management.”

Besides the more serious vocal ailments that can occur, day-to-day problems with one’s voice can be common. Often, these nagging vocal issues stem from a number of factors.

“Lack of energy is often going to mean lack of breath support,” Garrett said. “Not having enough breath support is going to end up straining the muscles around the larynx, which is something we are seeing a lot of now.”
“Any sort of neck or shoulder or back issues are going to have a secondary effect on how one uses their voice,” she added. “I have had patients who simply changed the way they were holding their guitar and ended up with some changes in their voice."
“I spend a good amount of time in the shower on show days doing the scales and slowly bring my voice up to where it’s supposed to be,” said Allan, who now goes into the Vanderbilt Voice Center for annual checkups. “If I do 10 shows in a row and I can’t talk, I’m going to have to warm up all day, starting with a bit of humming in the morning to get things going.”
“If I sing for two hours and then you put me in a loud room, talking over that noise just kills me,” said Turner. “To cut through that noise with a lower voice takes so much effort that it’s undoubtedly going to end up affecting my singing voice.”

“If 100 percent of voice performers could come into my office when everything is OK, we could have a baseline exam when they were in good voice that we could always go back to compare it to,” said Garrett, whose office hallways are filled with Gold albums of the singers she and the Vanderbilt Voice Center team has treated. “These performers live extraordinary lives with very busy schedules. But for the ones who do come in to see our team, getting them back on the road is the only thanks I need.”

© 2014 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.

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2014 Walker Creek Fall Music Camp

Mandolin Cafe - Tue, 2014/07/15 - 11:15am
Peter Ostroushko and Sharon Gilchrist will lead an all-star mandolin instructor team for the Walker Creek Fall Music Camp held October 9-12 on the grounds of the Walker Creek Ranch, located in the rolling hills of West Marin County between Petaluma and Tomales Bay, about an hour drive north of the San Francisco.

Niall Toner Releases Million Dollar Video

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Mon, 2014/07/14 - 11:22pm
Our friend across the pond, Niall Toner, has released a fun new video July 10th, "Million Dollar Bill" from the 8th track on the album Onwards & Upwards released in 2012. The album marked a musical milestone for Toner. This was Toner's first release on the internationally famous Pinecastle Record label and featured the great talents of artists like Keith Sewell (who also serves as the producer, Ashby Frank, Rob Ickes, Viktor Krauss, and of course Niall.

This is a fun video about a guy who inherits a $1,000,000 bill and has to figure out what to do with it. Nobody can make change! This video will be followed up by two more videos, "Way of a Wanderer" and "Judge and Jury" which we will present here on Cybergrass.

Niall Toner is an acoustic Irish flavored artist with Celtic influences whose diverse repertoire ranges from contemporary up-tempo songs and tunes to inspirational gospel-style numbers, as well as tributes to Bill Monroe the father of bluegrass like "The Master's Resting Place" and "Bill Monroe's Mandolin."

Niall's composition credits include songs recorded by artists like Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones), The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Albert Lee, Special Consensus, Keith Sewell, The Swanson Family and more. In 2003 Toner was nominated for a Global Artist Award by the CMA. To date, Niall and his Band have recorded and released three CD albums, and they perform their original songs and tunes on a regular basis at Festivals and Venues in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA.

Niall was born in Dublin, Ireland and nurtured an early interest in music by tuning in to Radio Luxemburg and the AFN radio service from Germany. The Saturday night re-broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville was his first exposure to Country music, and when a local school-friend showed up with a collection that included the music of Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, The Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers, Niall's musical fate was sealed. Niall Toner is widely regarded as one of Ireland's leading experts on bluegrass and American country music, and he brings this knowledge of music to a wide audience, both through his live performances and various workshops, as well as through his radio show, Roots Freeway, which is broadcast on Ireland's national radio station, RTE Radio One.

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Nu-Blu Joined By Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Sam Moore For "Jesus & Jones"

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Mon, 2014/07/14 - 11:19pm

Nashville, TN -- "The Legendary Soul Man" Sam Moore, voted one of the 100 top pop voices of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine, joins bluegrass group Nu-Blu as a special guest on their upcoming single release "Jesus & Jones," a song that pays tribute to the late George Jones.

Moore, who had been invited personally by George before he passed away, performed at what became Jones' tribute show "Playin' Possum: The Final No Show" in November of 2013. Sam took no time to agree to participate in recording this song. "I've been a fan of George's music for a long long time and was fortunate enough that we called each other friends," says Moore. "This song honors him and says what we all have felt about him."

Nu-Blu is set to release their latest Rural Rhythm Records single "Jesus & Jones," to radio on July 22nd. The highly anticipated track will serve as the first offering from their forthcoming album, All The Way, due out on September 16.

"We absolutely love this song and its message," says Nu-Blu's Carolyn Routh. "We played the demo for George's widow Nancy Jones and she loved it. With her encouragement we recorded it and just knew we wanted to add a guest vocalist to the recording. Then we thought back to the November tribute show and remembered it was Sam Moore who had just brought the house down. You could see the love he had for George. We connected with Sam and now the recording is done. This is not only Sam's first time ever to record on a bluegrass song, it apparently is the first time anyone from his genre has participated on a bluegrass recording as a featured guest. How cool is that! To have a Rock & Roll Hall of

This is Sam Moore's first venture into the bluegrass realm. Over the years, he has crossed over from soul, the genre his hit "Soul Man" named, rhythm & blues, jazz, big band, pop, and country. Sam Moore was nominated for an ACM, and two CMA's for his collaboration with Conway Twitty of "Rainy Night In Georgia" on the Country, Rhythm & Blues album. Their video is considered a classic and one of the top country duets of all time. This new song, a mix of bluegrass and soul will leave fans wanting more.

All The Way will take Nu-Blu creatively into new boundaries. In addition to the duet with Sam Moore, 'queen of bluegrass' Rhonda Vincent is also featured on the album. Come September 16, the world be able to hear all of the new music, and partake in the revolution that is Nu-Blu.

For more information on Nu-Blu, please visit www.nu-blu.com

You can catch Nu-Blu on tour this summer at the following venues/locations:
Jul 17-18 Olive Hill, KY -- Carter County Showgrounds
Jul 19 Labadie, MO -- Labadie Station
Aug 01-03 Stony Plain, AB (Canada) -- Heritage Park
Aug 09 Hebron, CT -- Hebron Fairgrounds
Aug 16 Ramseur, NC -- Ramseur Lake
Aug 17 Wilmington, NC -- USS Battleship North Carolina
Aug 17 Greenville, NC -- Greenville Toyota Amphitheatre
Aug 22 Valdese, NC -- Family Friday Night (Downtown)
Aug 24 Raleigh, NC -- Raleigh Ribfest (Downtown)
Aug 30 Stuart, VA -- Labor Day Gospel Sing (Dominion Valley Park)
Sep 05 Cherryville, NC -- Catawba Valley Music Revival
Sep 06 Goldsboro, NC -- In The Pines Bluegrass Festival
Sep 28 Manteo, NC -- OBX Bluegrass Festival

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BlueTrain at VFW in Maryland Saturday

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Mon, 2014/07/14 - 11:17pm

BlueTrain would like to announce that they will be performing at VFW (Darlington - Post 10146) located at 3440 Conowingo Rd., Street, MD 21154 from 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm on Sat., July 19, 2014. There is a $15.00 charge at the door that will include a dinner, drinks are extra but the dancing is free. For more info please do contact 410-457-5461 or view their Facebook site at http://www.facebook.com/DarlingtonDublinVfwPost10146

Come on out and see this versatile bluegrass band from around the DC, MD, PA, VA & WV areas which features David Propst on mandolin & vocals; Tom Reeves on bass & vocals; George Osing on banjo; Rick Miller on guitar & vocals and featuring special for this event, Mike Hartnett, whom will be helping out just on this gig on fiddle until his medical issues are completely taken care of so that he can once again come back full back to playing fiddle full-time again. Come say hello to Mike, and hope to see you out with your dancing shoes on and ready to ride this ‘train’!

BlueTrain is a relatively new band that just did come out ... but yet, not actually. Each member of the band has a history of working with some of the best bluegrass musicians in the DC, VA, MD, PA area. More fascinating is that they don't seem to have hit their stride as of yet, only being a unit for a very short time and even fewer rehearsals ... they still do not have a website as of yet. To the band's credit, the core of this ensemble has previously performed together for an extended amount of time in a different configuration and has aided in the configuration to gel more quickly.

With this fact, and the fact that the band draws on the strengths of the members within the band, they have already filled up performance dates up until this coming Christmas. This is an impressive feat considering how many bands do strive to do the same, trying to morph musical talents together as a unit, yet do fall short, finding the many roadblocks and obstacles it takes to find cohesiveness.

When you hear the names involved in this band, you may then understand why the formula has become successful: David Propst, featured on mandolin & vocals, has previously performed before East Coast audiences for years alongside multiple higher profiled bluegrass bands such as Paul Adkins & the Borderline Band, Norman Wright, Kevin Church & The Travelers, Darren Beachley & the Maryland Line and currently still touring out with Bill Yates & the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band.

Tom Reeves, featured on bass & vocals, was exposed to bluegrass, old-time, country & gospel music at a very early age, initially being greatly influenced by his own family's musical talent. His appreciation for many types of music is reflected in the versatility of his bass playing, even though his first love is bluegrass. Tom has previously performed with multiple area bluegrass (& country) bands throughout the years to include Excalibur, The Satyr Hill Band and The Darren Beachley Band

George Osing, featured on banjo, has developed a blended style by combining them all to create his own unique style. While performing, George always strives to enhance the performance of his other band members. His fast paced, complicated array of licks stays true to the melody of the song and is never just another mechanical rendition. George has previously performed out with such bands as Dean Sapp & the Harford Express, The Satyr Hill Band and The Darren Beachley Band

Tommy Lyons, featured on fiddle, brings forth a plethora of musical experience on the fiddle as he presents a smooth silkiness to the slower, soulful tunes, while tearing up a fast paced tune where one cannot help themselves but tap their toe. Tommy has previously performed out with multiple bands around the DC, VA, MD & PA area, to include The Dixie Cannonballs, John O'Dell & Windy Ridge, The Harold Tipton Band and Dee Gunter & the Dukes of Bluegrass, just to name a few.

Lastly, Rick Miller, featured on guitar & vocals, rounds out this array of musical talent by bringing his different renditions and views of the music that he grew up with to the table, providing experience from other different genres of music, thusly flavoring the music in such a way as to aide in making the BlueTrain sound it's own. Ricks still does contribute his talents with the band, Gamber Station, on occasion when he's not performing out with BlueTrain.

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Jake Krack and the Bing Brothers Debut at Carter Fold Saturday

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Mon, 2014/07/14 - 11:12pm

Saturday, July 19th, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Virginia, will present a concert by Jake Krack and the Bing Brothers Old Time Band. Admission to the concert is $10 for adults, children 6 to 11 $1, under age 6 free.

At only 28 years old, Jake Krack has an impressive biography. He graduated from Berea College in 2007. Since that time, he has produced and released nine CDs. Jake is an Individual Artist Coordinator for the Culture and History Department in Charleston, West Virginia. He has done internships, received scholarships, and done extensive work with Smithsonian Folkways recordings. Jake was featured on PBS television and on Senator Robert Byrd’s film Soul of the Senate. Concert venues he has performed at include Berea College, the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, University of Chicago Folk Festival, Mount Airy Fiddler’s Convention, the Alleghany County Fiddler’s Convention, Appalachian State Fiddler’s Convention, the Galax Fiddler’s Convention, Clifftop Stringband Festival, Merlefest, and so many others that they’re too numerous to list. Needless to say, he’s won first place in many of the fiddler’s conventions he’s participated in.

Jake has been profiled by Art Works, Fiddlers Magazine, Berea Alumni Magazine, U.S. New and World Report, Folk Works, Dirty Linen Music Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Spectrum Magazine in Scotland, and the New York Times. He’s done numerous workshops and served as an instructor at practically every place old time fiddle is taught.

This concert will mark Jake’s first performance at the Carter Fold, but we hope it will be the first of many more to come. Many famous fiddlers have graced the Fold stage, and we think Jake ranks among the best. Bands who perform at the Fold (and our Fold audience) know that good fiddling is a big part of a Fold concert. Jake Krack will deliver that and then some.

Come out and join us for Jake Krack and the Bing Brothers first performance. Don’t forget your dancing shoes, and be sure to bring all your friends. For additional information on Jake and the band, go to http://jakekrack.com.

Carter Family Memorial Music Center, Incorporated, is a nonprofit, rural arts organization established to preserve traditional, acoustic, mountain music. For further information on the center, go to http://www.carterfamilyfold.org. Shows from the Carter Family Fold can be accessed on the internet at http://www.carterfoldshow.com.

Carter Music Center is part of the Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. You can visit the Crooked Road Music Trail site at http://thecrookedroad.org. Partial funding for programs at the center is provided by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. For recorded information on shows coming up at the Fold, call 276-386-6054. The Fold is on Facebook – page Carter Fold – and Twitter – @carterfoldinfo. To speak to a Fold staff member, call 276-594-0676.

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Worlds Collide: Bluegrass Henhouse Prowlers & Nigerian Rap P Square

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sun, 2014/07/13 - 11:06pm
Last week while visiting Nigeria, Chicago natives and bluegrass favorites, The Henhouse Prowlers, delighted fans when performing the hit “Chop My Money” by Nigerian rap superstars P Square (original featuring Akon). Much to the delight of unexpecting fans, Peter Okoye of P Square showed up to sing along.

The story goes like this: The Henhouse Prowlers learned the song especially for their trip to Nigeria. On 6/27 they played it at the DCM’s (Deputy Chief of Mission with the US Embassy) house in Abuja. A woman from the House of Representatives in Nigeria was at the private show and called P Square to tell them about the performance. A week later, on July 4th Peter showed up to perform with the band and paparazzi insanity ensued.

In this video, worlds truly collide and music bridges gaps!

This is the video of their first Nigerian performance of the song that lead to the call to P Square:

Ten years in the making, Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers have built a reputation for hard work and non-stop touring, playing music inspired by the roots of bluegrass while branching out into a sound uniquely their own. From lightning fast picking, to sentimental ballads—playing storied original material, traditional songs, and contemporary covers—The Prowlers’ live show leaves no one wanting.

Their most recent album “Breaking Ground” grew out of collaboration and time well spent, having completed it within months of multiple cross-country US tours and the band’s third trip to Europe. Produced by Greg Cahill (Grammy nominated band-leader of Special Consensus), with special guests Josh Williams (of Rhonda Vincent and the Rage) and Anders Beck (of Greensky Bluegrass), this recording packs punch after punch.

The band recently performed with the US State Department on two separate trips in five different countries in Central and West Africa, as well as heading back to Europe in the spring of 2014 for their largest tour abroad to date. The Prowlers continue to push the envelope with their highly original songwriting, tight arrangements, and electrifying stage presence. With the bluegrass mantle on their shoulders and the best fans in the world by their side, The Henhouse Prowlers are here to stay for a long, long time.

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Randall Franks Finds Encouragement in the Focus of Latest Book

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sun, 2014/07/13 - 11:03pm

Author/actor Randall Franks said he seeks to inspire others to find the encourager within through his latest book series – Encouragers. The first of the series Encouragers I : Finding the Light released this month worldwide from Peach Picked Publishing shares 49 stories of actors, musicians and everyday folks who played a role in his early life.

“God blessed me with so many opportunities allowing me to perform for millions around the world, appear for the Grand Ole Opry and star on two American television networks,” Franks said. “Those doors were opened to me because people from all walks of life took the time to encourage me from young age. Even when there was no indication of what my talents would be and where they could lead, encouragers were already sharing their light with me.”

The first volume of the series highlights performers such as WSB Barndance stars Cotton and Jane Carrier and Grand Ole Opry star Bashful Brother Oswald; American icon Bob Hope and “Gunsmoke” legend Ken Curtis; country music masters Bill Monroe and Johnny Cash; bluegrass hall of famers Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and “The Andy Griffith Show” star Doug Dillard; and heralded gospel music performers the Marksmen Quartet, the Lewis Family and Jeff & Sheri Easter.

Franks said individuals sharing their light is what he hopes will come as people read his book which features narratives about and interviews with those who helped shape his life and career.

“Early in life our families help to shape who we are but soon others reach out to make a difference that sometimes can simply be in passing or can be more substantial over time, but no matter how in depth, the smallest encouragement can change the direction of someone’s life when it is needed the most,” he said.

Franks, who is best known as “Officer Randy Goode” from the TV series “In the Heat of the Night,” starred in three series and 14 films. He became a country music personality as a youth beginning appearances at major country, folk, bluegrass and gospel events such as Country Music Association Fan Fair, National Folk Festival, National Black Arts Festival and for the Grand Ole Opry. With 19 career albums in four genres, he has performed to over 145 million fans around the world. Musically, he is recognized as an International Bluegrass Music Museum Legend and Independent Country Music Hall of Fame member. He is a syndicated columnist featured in newspapers across the Southeast and Midwestern U.S.

The 364-page book includes over 260 photos including 149 special Moments in Time photos featuring over 100 stars from Garth Brooks to Marty Stuart, Loretta Lynn to Alison Krauss from Randall’s personal collection and 49 celebrity, family and friend recipes. The book is available online at http://randallfranks.com/ for $25 including postage and handling and through book outlets around the world. Fans may also like the series on and learn more on the Encouragers I, II and III Facebook page.

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Travis Frye & Blue Mountain Release "Living In a Moment" to Radio

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sat, 2014/07/12 - 11:04pm

Travis Frye and Blue Mountain is a multi-generational bluegrass band that honors the Appalachian roots of the music while adding a modern twist. With members spanning from North Carolina to South Carolina, the band incorporates spirited fiddle and banjo tunes along with modern selections from country, bluegrass, and gospel traditions, as well as original material. The band has just released their latest project on Kindred Records to radio via AirPlay Direct. Their latest project, Living In A Moment consists of 13 tracks of true bluegrass music.

The band has performed on historic radio and television shows such as The Merry-Go-Round in Mount Airy, the Blueridge Backroads in Galax, Virginia and PBS's Song of the Mountains in Marion, Virginia.They have also had the honor of playing for the 100th anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Appalachian State University.

The band has shared the stage with Big Country Bluegrass, the Steeldrivers, Lou Reid and Carolina, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Sammy Shelor, and Terry Baucom. Members include Kernersville's Travelin'Travis Frye, host of the Merry-Go-Round and DJ for The Afternoon Show on WPAQ radio, on guitar, Hunter Motts of Spartanburg, SC, on banjo, two time North Carolina State fiddle champion, Henry Mabe of Walnut Cove, NC, on fiddle, Mt. Airy's Tim Frye, host of Mountain Morning and Mountain Midday on WPAQ radio, on mandolin, and Renee Martin of Belews Creek, NC on bass.

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Deering Launches a Goodtime 6-String Banjo

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Sat, 2014/07/12 - 11:02pm

Spring Valley, CA -- With repeated requests from its customers to create a 6-string Goodtime banjo, Deering focused on giving the customers what they want with the new Goodtime Solana 6. The new Goodtime Solana 6 is a new kind of 6-string banjo designed to bring out the creativity in the player and features all of the American craftsmanship and quality that owners of Goodtime banjos have come to expect.

Priced at only $899 MSRP, the Solana 6 stands out from the pack thanks to is its nylon strings which offer the player a sweet, mellow tone akin to a classical guitar, but with the bright undertones of a banjo. Marketing Director David Bandrowski comments “We always knew that nylon strings were popular in the guitar world and we were keen to find out how they would compliment the sound of a modern banjo. We introduced an early prototype at the Sarzana Guitar Festival in Italy in 2011 and the response was tremendous. We pursued the idea further and made some changes to improve the instrument and the result is the Solana 6.” Continues Bandrowski, “What is really exciting is that a recent poll by Acoustic Guitar Magazine found that more than half of all nylon string guitar players surveyed are using nylon strings for pop/rock/folk music. This really reinforced our belief that the Solana 6 was a special instrument that would appeal to a generation of truly creative musicians.”

The versatility of the Solana 6 is rounded off with a piezo pickup that sits directly under the Deering patented East Indian Rosewood bridge plate, formerly seen only on Deering’s Phoenix 6-string banjo. The bridge plate is placed underneath the hand crafted Deering bridge and is designed to balance the string vibration resulting in an increased sustain, decrease in boominess, and less feedback allowing the player more freedom in a live performing situation when partnered with the piezo pickup. The sound of the Solana 6 is further enhanced by the new larger Grand 12” rim which creates ample breathing room for the natural low end of the Solana 6, making a bold statement right out of the box.

The rim of the Solana 6 is constructed of the same 3-ply violin grade maple that is at the heart of the entire Deering banjo line up. The rock maple neck features East Indian Rosewood ring style inlays, a classical guitar inspired peghead, and smooth, accurate classical guitar tuners with pearloid buttons. The beautiful blonde maple of the Solana 6 is further complimented by a dark East Indian Rosewood custom tailpiece which bares the Deering name.

Retailing for only $899, the Goodtime Solana 6 banjo will be available to customers through authorized Deering dealers. For a list of dealers, go to deeringbanjos.com/dealers.

Deering Banjo Company was founded in 1975 as the world’s specialist in banjos and has grown to become the largest manufacturer of American made banjos in the world. Located in Spring Valley, CA, Deering produces all of its quality 4-string, 5-string, 6-string, and 12-string banjos in the same US facility and boasts the most knowledgeable team in the industry. Always on the cutting edge of banjo innovation, Deering is proud to have artists such as Mumford and Sons, Steve Martin, Taylor Swift, Bela Fleck, The Lumineers, Keith Urban, the Avett Brothers, Jens Kruger, Dropkick Murphys, and many more play their banjos. Visit http://www.deeringbanjos.com to learn more about Deering Banjos or call their toll free number 800-845-7791.

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Uncle Dave Macon Days Trailblazer Awards

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Fri, 2014/07/11 - 11:39pm
The Uncle Dave Macon Days Trailblazer Award is presented to an artist, musician, or individual who have developed old-time musical performance styles and techniques that blaze the trail for others to perpetuate, emulate, refine, and follow into contemporary genres.This year’s Trailblazer Award winners are Leroy Troy, Roland White, and The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, collectively. The award recipients were recognized on stage Friday night, July 11th.

The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band performed with Roland White, another honoree for the award. The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band was one of the headlining performers Friday night at this year’s Uncle Dave Macon Days festival.

From the pastoral hills, hollers, shopping malls and interstate highways of Goodlettsville Tennessee, home of Bill Monroe, Bashful Brother Oswald, Stringbean, Grandpa Jones, Keith Whitley and some living country music performers, comes the most entertaining “blast from the past” since Lester Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys. They’re the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band– five guys and a scrubboard, with roots like wisdom teeth.

The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band have shamelessly stolen a feature of the old Roy Acuff Show – a bit known as “Pap & the Jug Band“. There’s only so many graveyard numbers or raunchy love songs that even the most rabid country audience can sit through without some kind of relief. This frolicking fivesome brightens up the stage with rib-tickling old time tunes. Even better, they have an utter lack of self-consciousness (and some might say any sense of decorum). The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band not only know the music, they wear the costumes, tell corny jokes and even do slapstick gags that throw a cable-tv-numbed audience into hysterics. Grown women have lost control of internal organs when the Jug Band entertains … tears a’ runnin’ down both legs!

Leroy Troy was another of the headlining performers Friday at this year’s Uncle Dave Macon Days festival.

To begin, Banjoist & Songster Leroy Troy is a true good ol’ boy from Goodlettsville Tennessee, which is now a northern suburb of metro Nashville. But long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, it was out-in-the-country home to a great number of Grand Ole Opry performers. Back then you couldn’t help but be a neighbor to Stringbean, Bashful Brother Oswald, Bill Monroe, Grandpa Jones, the Carlisles and many others of the first generation of country music. Leroy isn’t quite that old, but he is definitely SOAKED in that old time country entertainment spirit. He knew a number of these folks as neighbors when he was a boy.

‘Troy has been playing the old time banjo since he was a very young lad. His dad used to take him to musical “gatherings” at a local grocery store in Goodlettsville. 13 year old Leroy was taken by the fiddling, but his dad bought him a banjo. One of the participants in this weekly jam was none other than Roy Acuff, the King of Country Music. Acuff took a shine to young Leroy and filled his head full of stories about Uncle Dave Macon – the Dixie Dewdrop, the first true “star” of the WSM Grand Ole Opry. Young Leroy began playing the banjo in Grandpa Jones’ style, and then “graduated” to the more complex mix of entertainment skills that Uncle Dave was known for. Along the way he was taught the 19th century skills of a banjo man. These are the circus and vaudeville routines with clever, comical lyrics, and “monkeyshines” like twirling the instrument in time to the music. Leroy was fortunate to have been taught “how to cut a shine” by old Cordell Kemp of Defeated Tennessee. Cordell learned directly from Uncle Dave Macon. Uncle Dave himself learned from circus and vaudeville performers before 1900.

Just think for a minute how “dull” high school must have seemed when you’re palling around with old time entertainers like Roy Acuff and Cordell Kemp thinking about Uncle Dave Macon

Bluegrass mandolin master and recipient of this year’s Trailblazer Award, Roland White was also one of the headlining performers Friday at this year’s Uncle Dave Macon Days festival.

Roland White has played in some of the most influential and popular groups in the music’s history, and has played a notable part in creating that history. Springing from a large family of musicians, Roland and his younger brothers Eric and Clarence first played together as youngsters in their native Maine. Moving to southern California in 1955, The Country Boys (later to become The Kentucky Colonels) won talent contests, appeared on local television shows and even landed appearances on The Andy Griffith Show. They toured the country during the folk music boom of the early 60's, creating a sensation among coffeehouse, festival and college audiences with their instrumental virtuosity, traditional brother vocal harmonies and rhythmic innovations. The Kentucky Colonels’ influence far exceeded the band’s short tenure as an active band. Their “Appalachian Swing” album remains one of the most important albums of that era, a landmark in the history of bluegrass.

Moving from The Kentucky Colonels into a position as guitarist for Bill Monroe in the late 60's, Roland absorbed the traditional feel and repertoire from his mentor, the Father Of Bluegrass, which remains a strong element in his music today. From Monroe’s band, Roland joined that of another bluegrass pioneer, Lester Flatt, playing mandolin and recording several albums as a member of The Nashville Grass from 1969-1973. In 1973 a short-lived reunion of The White Brothers was brought to an untimely end due to Clarence White’s tragic death. Of this brief reunion came two concert recordings that capture the excitement of the White Brothers’ sound fully matured, after Clarence’s excursions in country rock with the Byrds and Roland’s studies with the Monroe and Flatt.

After Clarence’s death Roland began a thirteen-year tenure with the progressive west coast group Country Gazette, first playing guitar and then mandolin, with such bluegrass luminaries as Byron Berline, Alan Munde, Joe Carr, and Roger Bush. In 1989 Roland joined Nashville Bluegrass Band, who distinguished themselves as the premier bluegrass band of their generation, winning two Grammy Awards and Grammy nominations on all of their albums. In 2000 Roland formed The Roland White Band, and they earned a Grammy nomination for their first recording, “Jelly On My Tofu”. The band, consisting of Roland on mandolin, Diane Bouska on guitar, Richard Bailey, banjo, Brian Christianson, fiddle and Jon Weisberger, bass, has just recorded a new album entitled “Straight-Ahead Bluegrass”. Roland has been honored by SPBGMA and IBMA for his achievements and contributions to bluegrass music, but he has no plans to retire–Roland and his band continue to perform and teach around the world.

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I Draw Slow's Album "White Wave Chapel" Released

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Fri, 2014/07/11 - 11:35pm
Dublin roots band I Draw Slow release their second album July 8th with Pinecastle Records. White Wave Chapel is poised to continue where their last album, Redhills, left off. Redhills was a resounding success with American radio and fans that fell in love with the band during several U.S runs. The band recently toured the States in the spring, including a performance at the prestigious festival Merlefest. They will be back in October for another slate of shows.

Their debut video “Valentine” features Aidan Gillen from "Game of Thrones” and can be viewed at CMT Edge. And you can listen to the album in full, courtesy of The Bluegrass Situation here.

Get More:

They have been described in the UK press as “American top league equivalents” destined “to blow the opposition away,” drawing favorable comparisons with Gillian Welsh and Alison Krauss. The band has played to audiences in the UK, Germany, Denmark and Belgium - and started 2012 with a performance with the Legendary Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and an appearance at the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow Scotland.

I Draw Slow is a five-piece outfit comprising vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo and double bass. Holden siblings Dave (guitar) and Louise (vocals) have been writing together for two decades. In 2008 the pair teamed up with Violinist Adrian Hart, Claw hammer banjo player Colin Derham, Double bassist Konrad Liddy to form I Draw Slow.

The five have created a sound, rooted in the old time style of the Appalachian Mountains, drawing on Irish traditional music and Americana. However, this is a whole new songbook of stories and melodies. These are dark tales of trouble, debauchery - but swinging from the kind of well-crafted melodies that survive.

White Wave Chapel:

“Their lyrics are evocative and imaginative, yet remarkably in an entirely American idiom and vernacular – no Gaelic transposed to fit the hills and hollers. Songs like “Bread & Butter” and “Hide & Seek” resonate rhythmically and lyrically...”
Sing-Out Magazine

“Their writing is skilled, rich and wonderfully mature...the album is a delight...”

“I Draw Slow is a high-powered bluegrass band from Ireland, who discovered the genre while busking in Australia. Perfect for an all-American musical mish-mash of Appalachian Mountain music, blues, jazz and traditional country! Hear for yourself on White Wave Chapel.”

“Its first American album, Redhills was a big hit with bluegrass fans in 2012. White Wave Chapel, which debuts July 8, should continue the streak. It’s described as Appalachian roots music with an Irish edge — a blend of alt-country, folk, old-time, bluegrass and Americana. The lyrics are poetry set to music. They don’t really tell a story as much as create a mystery — and a beautiful sound.
Keith Lawrence Owensboro Messenger

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Junior Sisk Partners with Chantilly Farm

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News - Fri, 2014/07/11 - 12:54am

Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice is excited to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Chantilly Farm, a special events venue and campground in Floyd County, Virginia and home of the well-known Chantilly Farm Bluegrass & BBQ Festival. Calling Sisk “one of the most prominent rising stars in traditional bluegrass music,” Chantilly Farm lead promoter Jason Gallimore says that the venue’s entire team is excited about the partnership. “We believe this partnership will bring a whole new level of interest in what we are doing here at Chantilly Farm,” he says.

Chantilly Farm Bluegrass & BBQ Festival will now be the “home” festival for Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, which is based out of nearby Franklin County. “Working with Junior and Susan Sisk is a natural because they truly are “home” here at Chantilly Farm,” says executive associate Dee Wallace.

The festival will celebrate its fifth year in 2015, and will also expand to two days full of music, arts and crafts, children’s activities, and more. Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice has been a frequent performer at the festival in the past, and is looking forward to what this year’s festival has to offer.

“Entering into a sponsorship agreement with Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice is a true honor,” says David Larsen, owner of Chantilly Farm. “Not only are we huge fans of the band’s music, but they are a band we’ve had in the lineup at our festival nearly every year and they’re always a crowd favorite.”

For more information on Chantilly Farm, visit www.chantillyfarm.com or contact Jason Gallimore at chantillyfarm@gmail.com.

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